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Childbirth classes at GoodSams/StJoes for natural childbirth?

I have kaiser so I have to choose between Good Sams or St Joes for birth. I am very much focused on having a natural, unmedicated birth and have been reading up on it.  I know from the research I've been doing that most natural birth advocates do not recommend hospital-run classes for natural mammas.  Has anyone done the childbirth classes at these hospitals?  I'm trying to decide if they would be a good choice or if a DVD/natural childbirth class would be a better use of our time.

Re: Childbirth classes at GoodSams/StJoes for natural childbirth?

  • I took the Prepared Childbirth class through St. Joe's and I also just delivered there last week.  I felt like the class gave you some good techniques for coping during labor naturally.  I also read several books on Natural Childbirth.  You may want to look into more specific classes to supplement that class, but they can be very pricey.  The staff at St. Joe's were AMAZING!  They supported every decision we made throughout the process and never tried to push any interventions.  They did tell us about them and answered any questions we had.  We had a great experience.  Another great thing is that Kaiser sends a nurse out to your house a day or so after delivery to check on you and the baby.  You can request them to come out again, which we did, and it was covered under our co-pay.  I have never been a big Kaiser fan, but my whole prenatal, labor and delivery experience was awesome!  I hope this helps!  Good luck!
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  • Thanks for this info!  I have Kaiser as well and am leaning towards St. Joes as I'm keen to have an urban baby (silly, I know).
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    These two are just so funny...

    Also, due date has come, gone and I am just so anxious to meet baby!  Please be healthy and strong baby, mama can't wait to meet you :)
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