For fun: What tv show character made you think their name was a 'bad boy' name? — The Bump
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For fun: What tv show character made you think their name was a 'bad boy' name?

Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead just because he is a total badass in the tv series. If that name would have been on anyone else, I would have thought geek!



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Re: For fun: What tv show character made you think their name was a 'bad boy' name?

  • Damon Salvatore  ;)
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  • Pointless post from me, but two of my biggest TV crushes are mentioned here----Jesse Katsopolis and Elliot Stabler

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  • Raylan Givens from Justified. Pretty sure it's a made up name, but the character made me fall in love with it. It's a GP name for me now.
  • tlc35tlc35
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    lauralew said:
    Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210.
    This is what I was going to say as well.
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  • Been watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy so let's go with Jax. Speaking of Darryl Dixon I totally can't picture a Norman being so bad ass, seems like such a dorky name but he gets the most bad ass roles.

  • Seth, the badass sheriff from Deadwood.

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  • I second Jess, from GG.
  • Kenickie from Grease. Though it isn't really a popular name, I think of it whenever I see Mackenzie.
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  • Chuck from Gossip Girl (it's okay to judge me... haha)

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  • KTZ17KTZ17
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    Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life and Griffin Holbrook from Party of Five.

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    [Deleted User]jallascalla
  • Dexter. I'll never look at that name the same again.
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  • Some of them mentioned

    And i think of caleb from pretty little liars
  • ==N====N==
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    I just found out that The Hound from Game of Thrones' name is Rory McCann. What an awesome freaking name.

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  • LadyXaverianLadyXaverian
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    ETA: I don't see the picture I thought I posted. Nick, Mallory's boyfriend on Family Ties.

    ETA2: There it is! :)

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  • Joy2611 said:

    um, Jesse Katsopolis. 

    Not exactly the same kind of bad ass, obviously :-)

    I've always wanted to name my son Jesse, which started with Jesse Katsopolis! To bad DH vetoed it :(

    My others are Dylan from 90210 and Griffin from Party of Five. Loved both of them.

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