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Wish me luck

I am sitting here avoiding getting ready for work. I have to sit in a meeting most of the day about writing assessments. Our principal thinks our career/technical courses do a much better job than our core courses with assessment so they are "training" us today on how to write assessments. I know how to do this. I know to figure out the percentage from the exam and match it to my test. I also know that I do not have access to questions that match my students' final exam so no matter what I do they will not be as prepared for their math exam as they are their career/technical course exam. My boss is a dick, as I have mentioned before, and I am just so over it. I have always lived my life with no regrets but here lately I really wish I had put off my wedding another year and gotten my masters degree so I could move up to the community college level. I am so done with this bs!
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