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Why doesn't anyone like it? It was my grandfather's name and he was a sharp and classy guy. DH and I love it but the whole family...even the very easy going of them hated it! But all thought my gf, Wayne, was awesome. This was before DS #2. Then I run it by others with the same reaction. I just wanted to put it out there that I think it is a cool name. This is our 3rd boy and he will likely be Louis Michael (per my cold feet post below) but I'd go with Wayne Michael if I hadn't heard such bad opinions. I don't see what's awful about it!

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  • I think Wayne is a great name!!!  My friend's husband is named Wayne and he is nice, funny, smart and cute.  I call him Wayn-O   :)

    That being said, Louis Michael is also a nice name!  
  • I love Wayne!  Great name.

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  • I don't know why I don't like it. But I wouldn't side eye it.  It's a real name and with a family history for you.  But I definitely like Louis Michael over Wayne Michael.

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    I really like Wayne! I was actually going to suggest it on your other post!
  • Wayne is a fine name. If you and your husband like it, then I say go for it.
  • For some reason it comes off as red neck to me, even though the one Wayne I knew was not. I also read it was the most popular MN for serial killers, I don't even know if that's true but I always think of it.

  • It sounds like the name Wayne makes you happy and reminds you of someone very special. That's exactly the type of feeling you should have about your child's name. Don't let other people ruin it for you, there is a reason why you keep coming back to it.
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  • Wayne could grow on me... I kind of consider it an old man name, but I think I could come around. I prefer Louis for sure. 

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  • I think it's sweet!

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  • Like PP said, it sounds very redneck to me. Maybe because I grew up in a small TX town and knew a few, lol. It's just a little too twangy for my style.
  • I also think it's too country and associate it with serial killers. I'm sure it's coincidence, but every Wayne I've known has been a little off, to put it nicely. But, I agree with others that said if you love the name, you should use it.



  • I love that I got that off of my chest and heard what some of you have to say about it. LOL. I have ZERO redneck connection to it. My Grandfather was a professional and worked/grew up in the city...I never thought of it as redneck! I guess John Wayne but never thought of that either! LOL. 

  • Like others, I prefer Louis but think Wayne is a fine name. I imagine that your family wouldn't have a thing to say about it after it's written on the birth certificate.
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  • I do not like Wayne.  It's not redneck or country to me.  It's just not a pleasant sound.  

    Also, you can be a great person and still have a meh name.  So I'm sure everyone loves your grandfather but can still think his name isn't the best.  But if you both like the name then use it.  You don't need to please your whole family.    
  • If you like it then go with it, but personally I REALLY dislike Louis AND Wayne. I have men in my family with both of those names and while I love those guys!...I'd never give my child those names!


  • While Wayne is definitely NMS, I don't think it's awful awful. It reminds me of John Wayne, so I think it sounds a little country. I guess some people might think Wayne's World. If the name means a lot to you, though, I'd just do it. They'll all get used to it. 

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  • I think it's a fabulous name. It's our son's middle name and it really has become a part of him. No, we aren't country folk either.


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  • I'm sorry but I can't stand Wayne. I think it sounds like a very country/redneck name, very unappealing IMO. I think Louis is wayyyyyy better.

    My dad was a truck driver and had a truck driver friend named Wayne. Maybe that's why I think of a middle aged redneck...


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  • Our morning radio show did a list of # names of cheaters this morning.  Wayne was #1.  Also, they said that there are literally hundreds of names of serial killers whose first or middle name is Wayne.

    I actually like the name, just think it sounds a little country.
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