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Similac fussiness and gas

Anyone use this? If so when do you start to notice in LO? Our DD is still so gassy and fussy. It's almost like she's in pain sometimes. She's only been having one big "blow out" a day. She used to have messy diapers every time we changed her. She is also being BF.

Re: Similac fussiness and gas

  • Lurking. We used Similac Sensitive for DD and that seemed to help her belly. Have you tried using gas drops?
  • I just tried out one bottle of Similac fussiness and gas last night. I've only been EBF up until this point. But LO has been having a hard time sleeping and has been extremely gassy, so that's why I thought I'd try out one formula feeding before bed. Unfortunately, he only slept maybe a little over an hour before he woke up. I'll give it another try and hope to see some improvement eventually. I'm interested to see what other moms have experienced with this though.

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  • I was originally breastfeeding but have 3 older boys and busy with ball practices so I decided to introduce formula. I noticed my DS was gassy at first so used this just to try out. However I read the label and noticed that it has lower calories than the regular Similac Advance, so now I use the original Similac Advance but drop a few gas drops in with each bottle, and it works great. He still has a little problem every now and then, but overall its a lot better. 
  • Yep! My lo has gas pain with similac and even similac sensitive ! Our ped suggest gerber which lo was on for 3 weeks that cleared the gas pain but started a lot if spitting reflux so I switched to enfamil and lo has been on this for 1.5 weeks no gas pain spitting up little better : still sit up straight with feeding burn frequent
    I also used gripe water colic calm but I cang tell if this help since the result is inconsistent. Hope this help
  • Thanks ladies!! I used gas drops once but then my sister got me Gerber Soothe drops. It's a probiotic so my sister said it should help. I've started giving her that once a day (in her last bottle before bed) and gripe water every 4-6 hours. I'm hoping that helps but I'm glad to hear everyone's experienced with similac.
  • We tried gas drops, gripe water even switched bottles nothing worked until we switched to similac sensitive never had gas problems again
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    Try Enfamil Gentlease if Similac isn't working out for you. When my LO was your baby's age, he was getting both BM and formula. We tried a few different formulas, but Enfamil Gentlease worked the best out of any of the ones we tried.
  • my dr put my 4 week old on nutramagim which seemed to make things worse and constipated.  i use breast milk and put an oz of formula in.  gave gas drops all day.  fin ally at 9 weeks put her with a tsp of rice cereal in the bottle with breastmilk and 1 oz of enfamil gentleease and she is a whole new baby.
  • Thanks ladies!! We used the gripe water and she loved it!! We took DD to the chiropractor and he should use a technic that has helped A LOT!! She's like a different baby. He also gave us this powder that we give her 3x a day.
  • I EBF until 6 weeks and then we started supplementing w/ similac supplemental. My LO is extremely gassy, and also acted like she was in pain. We used gas drops, gripe water, bicycle legs, etc. We just switched to similac sensitive and it seems like it is helping. She is still gassy, but it seems like it is helping. 

    I just read your post about the chiropractor, what technique did he teach you? If you don't mind me asking. 
    APutter05 said:
    Thanks ladies!! We used the gripe water and she loved it!! We took DD to the chiropractor and he should use a technic that has helped A LOT!! She's like a different baby. He also gave us this powder that we give her 3x a day.

  • The Similac Sensitive did seem to help more than the Advance, but it gave LO horrible diarrhea for the 2 weeks we used it.
  • He told us to take LO and put them on their tummy, put your index finger one one side of their spine and your middle finger on the other side, tap from shoulder blades down past their tailbone. Repeat this 10-15. You do it after feedings and diaper changes. It's worked for our LO so far.
  • I'm using formula along with breastmilk. I was wondering what's the best formula to use? For my son, I used Similac. I have Similac and Gerber...I'm wondering which one is better? Also, the gripe water? Where can I find that at the store? My baby girl has been fussy and crying everytime at night and it's hard to calm her down.  :((
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