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leaking urine when exercising

does anyone else have this post partum problem? if i try to jog, jump rope or do jumping jacks (basically anything bouncing) i always leak a little urine, to the point that i have to run to the bathroom. i hope it goes away soon. doctor said to do kegels, and of course i always forget them.

anyone else have this and how long did it last?

Re: leaking urine when exercising

  • Yeah. Every time I sneeze haha
  •  YES! I specifically remember jump roping during a cross fit workout and having to stop because the leak was flowing! With my son it lasted until at least 6 months pp.  But with my little one now it has gotten better because I lifted my whole pregnancy- so everything about recovery has been easier, including not peeing while running or sneezing. keep working out and doing kegs - building muscle over all will help. 
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