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I live in Eugene. I'm due February 08, 2014. I also have a 23 month old daughter. I'd love to meet other moms for play-dates, coffee, and socializing. I am a stay-at-home mom, so I don't get out much. It gets a bit lonely. 

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  • Hi :) I live in Thurston and am a FTM. My son was born in December, so he will be 11 weeks tomorrow. The week after next I will be going back to work but only for 2.5 days a week so it would still be nice to be able to socialize with other mommies! PM me if your interested in meeting up!


  • Hi there, I am in Eugene and newly pregnant, so a little behind you two, but I am planning on being a SAHM.  I'd love any local recommendations for OBs you ladies may have :)
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  • Dr. Reilly, Schram, and Mertz are all great. They are at the Center for Women's Health OMG clinic.


  • Thank you, I'll look into those!  I previously went to a gyn at Women's Care and didn't really like her :/
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  • I see Dr. Richard Beyerlein at Pacific Women's Center on Coburg Road. He's fantastic. The other physicians in the clinic are wonderful, too. The doctors in that practice generally deliver all their patients, and several of them have privileges at both hospitals.
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