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2 1/2 week old congested!

Randomly yesterday, he got horribly congested. Today it's still pretty bad, and he isn't happy about it. Plus now we're sleeping less than we were before.  Crying most of the day and night. We have the humidifier running, we suck his nose out, we leave him sitting up, and nothing has helped even slighlty. He doesn't have a temperature, but it's making feeding time difficult. He's sucking in even more air since he can't breathe, which then creates bigger gas issues, no matter how much we burp him. The tummy calm isn't helping this at all. He's sneezing pretty often, and of course the congestion is keeping him awake.  We're exhausted, and pretty desperate for a way to help this situation. I have to go to work at 6am, and at this rate I'll be falling asleep while I'm there.
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Re: 2 1/2 week old congested!

  • I highly reccommend saline drops and the NoseFrida. It worked so well I opted to use that in the hospital vs hospital suction when LO had RSV. Hope yours feels better soon

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  • My ped recommends a fine saline mist in place of drops. I've tried both with my stuffy baby and I do like the efficiency of the mist more than the drops. I sit baby up with her back against my chest, hold her head with one hand and spray with the other. I don't suction everytime, as to not irritate the nose. At first I was using a suction bulb, but it was not working well. I bought the Nose Frida as a last resort and am thrilled with it!! While she was sick, we repeated this every few hours.

    Good luck!!
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  • Same problem early weeks ! I did aggressive steaming ( turn on hot shower let be steam build up and then hold lo in the bathroom not the shower for 5-10 minutes 2-3 x a day) in addl I also boil a pot if water and add salt to it and put it next to the crib 2-3 x a day! A lot of infant saline spray lying in the side and then turn lo to tummy the stuff just drain down and if not I suction a lot using the Fridanose brand . Hope this help. My lo had a cold very nasally congested then stomach issues ! He is better . Hang in there
  • Also I have he humidifier on 24/7
  • Same as the others - that nose frida is the best thing I've bought for my six week old's congestion. The bulb was hurting her nose and wasn't even doing much. I spray a little saline, give her a warm bath, and then use the sucker.
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