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It feels like I have to pee!

This started in the past week ---- when I run I feel like I CONSTANTLY have to pee. I know I don't -- because I JUST went or wake up and go with no water. Even if I stop to pee, it's either nothing or a tiny bit. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is there any way around this annoying sensation?






Re: It feels like I have to pee!

  • especially when i work out, i feel like this too, @trishieterp!

    even if i peed right before leaving the house, i will "need to" again after 5 min of running... then when i go, it's only like a thimbleful. frustrating!
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  • That started for me around 18-20 weeks and I wish I could say it went away, but it didn't.  I just made sure that I ran a route with a bathroom!
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