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Gerber colic soothe and diarrhea

Hi Mommies,

I was wondering has anyone else noticed their LO getting diarrhea from Gerber Colic Soothe drops?

I started my daughter on them 5 days ago (she has acid reflux) and I think they actually help, she doesn't spit up after feedings anymore and sleeps better on her back now for longer periods of time, but for the past 5 days she has also had diarrhea((( 

Has anyone else seen this from the drops? And if so, did it go away eventually? I don't know whether I should stop giving them and go back to her spit up and fussiness or keep giving them and hope the diarrhea goes away ( it doesn't seem to bother her and she doesn't have any signs of dehydration)...

Re: Gerber colic soothe and diarrhea

  • I use little tummy's gas relief drops.  But I don't put them in as often-once or twice a day.  He still spits up a little while burping, but I think that's normal.
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