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newbie and workout question

Hello all! 
I used theknot back in 2011 when my husband I were planning our wedding and used thebump in 2012 when we were ttc our first time. Our sweet baby girl was diagnosed with anencephaly at our 12 week ultrasound. Ellie was born July 9th 2013 (38 weeks) and lived for 15 minutes. We miss her more than words can describe. 
My husband and I have been ttc for two months now since Ellie passed away. Here's my question: To help myself with the grief and stress at work/grad school I have been working out quite a bit. I have been working out 3 or 4 hours a week, an hour at a time.  I have been taking body pump and body combat at my local gym. Anyone find that, that much working out to be a negative when ttc? Could it be the reason we aren't pregnant yet?
I asked the trainers at the gym who teach the classes if they were safe while ttc, one said yes up until 20 weeks and the other one said to talk to my Dr. and thinking about internal temperature while working out= too hot for baby. 
I have been working out this hard since November...

Any advice would be appreciated! 

Re: newbie and workout question

  • Working out should be safe while TTC. It shouldn't have any affect on your ability to get pregnant, but if you're concerned, talk with your doctor about it. As far as once you're pregnant, that's a conversation for your doctor. I've never heard of your internal temp while working out being an issue, but some people are put on pelvic rest, so that stops them from working out while pregnant.


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  • I'm sorry for your loss and would agree with PPs. I just wanted to add that you should really not be using your email address as your username, you're inviting spammers and hackers right into your personal info by leaving it that way. You can ask the Bump Gods to change it, but that kind of a request can take forever and sometimes never happens. Being completely new to this board, you might be better off just creating a new account altogether with an internet-safe username.



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  • I am sorry for your loss.  I've gotten different forms of advice from medical professionals: from my IVF nurse - do not workout, absolutely not, no, no, no.  From my OB - as long as it is not strenuous and it is what you are used to doing (for example, if you go for walks everyday then keep going for walks).  From another nurse - totally fine, but nothing strenuous and stop at 20 weeks or whenever your body is too tired.  And from everyone previously mentioned - do not do anything on your back (like situps).   
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    Working out before conception takes place shouldn't have an affect on getting pregnant. However, once you become pregnant, you will want to consult with your doc....might not be a bad idea to check in beforehand, as well. Also, when pregnant, you will want to make sure you are monitoring your heart rate and that you aren't doing too many anaerobic exercises because that means you aren't getting oxygen, and if you aren't, then baby isn't either. HTH!

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  • My doc is all for me working out while TTC because both my OB and GP say that whatever I've been doing while TTC I should be able to continue doing when we get pregnant.  My OB does mention that once PG I should try and keep my HR below 140 if possible, but i've read some articles lately that say that really isn't an issue.  

    I'm sorry for your loss, but welcome you to the board.

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. **losses mentioned** It seems that what I've been told is as varied as what others have said.  My doctor told me that I could continue with the type of exercise I've been regularly doing, as long as it didn't involve contact with the abdominal region, such as boxing, while TTC and even after a BFP.  The best advice he gave me is "listen to your body."  During my second pregnancy (that only lasted a few weeks after BFP), I figured out I was pregnant before the test because I became very lightheaded during any aerobic exercise.  Because I had already lost a previous pregnancy, I didn't take any risks and discontinued working out.  I'm currently TTC and have continued my workout regime of elliptical, strength training, abs.  However, if I get a BFP, I plan to tone down the aerobics to riding the bike, walking on the tredmil and using light weights- I will discontinue abs.  There are so many positives of working out (feeling good about yourself, keeping your body healthy, maintaining a healthy weight), BUT you have to do what you're comfortable with physically and emotionally.  Listen to your body, rest when you need to, slow down if you feel differently, and don't do anything that will cause you extra worry.  Thoughts and best wishes coming your way!! :)
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