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Successful what?

I know this is EXTREMELY premature, but DH asked the question and I didn't know the answer.

DS1 was an emergency c-section born after a hospital transfer from a freestanding birth center. Seven weeks ago, DS2 was born via hospital VBAC in a totally different labor experience. I'm so grateful that everything worked out and I got the birth experience I wanted.

Moving forward, if we decide to try for a third baby, will I have to fight as hard for a vaginal delivery? What's the standard practice on this? Clearly, my body has "proven" itself capable of a successful VBAC, but I'm assuming because I still have a scar, I will still be considered a VBAC and thus some hospitals/practices won't let me labor?

DH is military, so we don't know where we'll be living if/when the time comes, but we do know for sure that we won't be near my current, extremely VBAC-friendly practice.

Sorry if this makes no sense, I do have a 7 week old baby. :)

tl;dr: What's the medical standard in treating or dealing with a second VBAC attempt?

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Re: Successful what?

  • My understanding is that having one VBAC under your belt should make it easier on you to have another.  Unless of course you land somewhere with a total VBAC ban.  My DH is in the military too.  The closest military hospital to us is almost an hour drive (I gave birth at the civilian hospital in town) and is one of the most VBAC friendly hospitals in our region. 
  • I just had my second vbac and during my pregnancy my midwives said my chance of uterine rupture was almost back to what it would have been had I never had a cesarean. I would hope that even vbac-nervous docs/hospitals would be more relaxed now that you have a "proven pelvis." I also felt like during labor there was a definite "normal birth" vibe which wasn't as evident during my first vbac. We all knew I had this.

    FWIW I also pushed for about 1.5 hours with my first vbac and five times with my second, so that was awesome!

    Good luck to you!!!
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  • Barring a hospital with a VBAC ban, it should make attempting a 2VBAC easier.  You've proven you (your body) can do it.  With my 2VBAC, they never discussed c/s with me at all, but I was at the same practice I had my VBAC with.  I read on my local ICAN page that the VBAC success rate for a 2VBAC was something like 87%. 
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