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Gassy baby. Advice?

Hello again, my LO is 10 weeks old. We EBF for 6-7 weeks then began supplementing with Similac supplementation formula. She has always been gassy. I have tried bicycle legs, tummy rub, lying her on her tummy, gas drops, & gripe water. I try not to give her medicine unless it's really bad, but I don't want her to be uncomfortable either. Any other things y'all know of that I could try? 

BTW, I am unsatisfied with my pediatrician, but with the insurance I have right now I have very limited choices. I graduate in December and will be finding a new pediatrician as SOON as I get better insurance. I have called many times asking what I can do & if I should switch formulas or watch what I eat. They are so unhelpful. The only thing I was told was to not eat gassy foods...which I avoid anyway......are there national phone nurse lines? I would love to talk to someone OTHER than my phone nurse. 


Re: Gassy baby. Advice?

  • Try Windis. You can buy them on Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, etc
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  • ive been dealing with a gassy baby since 2 weeks, we are now heading into 11 weeks and it has gotten so much better. We do gerber soothe drops, and mylicon sometimes. i have also stop eating dairy. For gas there is not much they (MD) can do bc its their immature digestive system. I hear 12 weeks is when it gets much better, but you can try doing a gentlease formula.
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  • I didn't BF so I may be of no help here, but my LO is FF (he's now almost 11 months) and he was super gassy too. We learned that we had to burp him and not lay him down until we got that burp. Sometimes it took an hour - but it helped a lot with the fussiness.
    Also try a tight swaddle/miracle blanket. By 3 months it will start to get better...

  • I stopped eating dairy and we use gas drops
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