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I know it's normal at this point to have some swelling by the end of the day. Yesterday was an active day at work and home and I didn't have time to put my feet up any so last night my ankles and feet were pretty bad. But they are still swollen this morning after laying down all night. Is this normal ?

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  • No other swelling. Just a little in hands but not face. I usually am a little swollen after work but last night was bad cause we were going all day /afternoon. They just usually look normal when I wake up and this morning the didn't
  • I'm always drink a good bit of water. I know that is supposed to help with the swelling. Not a big coke/soda fan.
  • Last night was my worst day as well. By the time I crawled (literally) into bed my ankles would barely bend and my feet felt like they would pop. Even my flip flops didn't fit :-( I'm wondering the same as you. How much swelling is normal? If you talk to your doc update us on their response.
  • So I googled cures for swelling feet and one of the suggestions was compression stockings. I got a toeless pair (for flip flop wear too!) at Wal-Mart yesterday and so far they have helped a lot. The swelling is not completely gone but I'd say the feet are 85% better! This week at work will be the true test but maybe that's something you could try.
  • I had swelling real bad with DS and I didn't come out of work until 36 weeks which it got way out of control at that point. I'm on strict bed rest since 31 weeks with PTL and the last day of work, my swelling was really bad. I showed the doc this picture from the night before. Amazing what bed rest can do for you...I have my ankle bones back! Here's a before and
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  • With my first, my ankles were swollen basically 24-7 near the end. My doc recommended keeping my feet up above my heart as much as possible. If it seems really bad, then definitely call.
  • Did you have a salty day?  When I have a lot of salty stuff I'll swell up for a couple of days.
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  • YES! Finally I have a reason to post this pic! Post-c-section swelling. It HURT. And they actually got bigger than this. I srsly think if I'd poked them with a pin, they would've popped.



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  • This is how I picture the swelling:

    Is that the selfie I posted recently?!
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