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Transitioning to Crib?

Hello! My 8-week-old LO sleeps in a RnP in our room. I want to transition him to his crib for nights & naps soon. He goes in his crib quietly now and stares at his mobile and pictures on the wall, but he doesn't fall asleep there. Ever. Anyone have tips/tricks to make the transition smooth? Anything that did NOT work at all? TIA!

Re: Transitioning to Crib?

  • I think just creating a sleepy time routine in general will make the transition work.  Maybe feed LO one right before he goes down for a nap or bedtime, swaddle or cuddle until he is noticeably sleepy, and then put him down in the crib.

  • How long are you leaving him there before you decided that he won't sleep? sometimes my little guy will lay and stare at his stuff about 15- 20 min before falling asleep. 

    what was recommended to me, and has worked wonderfully is to: 
    lay them down before they are SUPER tired, like when you see them start to rub their eyes or if you are good at knowing when he will fall alseep (15 minute after he nurses)
    this will help them know it is ok, to be in your crib alone and hang out for a while. 
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    We give him about 20 minutes to settle down, or if he cries before that, I go in and pick him up. I like the Idea of starting with naps. We're getting into a sleepy time routine in the last week or so - hopefully it helps!
  • All of the above.... For us swaddling helped tremendously!
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