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she fell off the bed... onto her head :(

The napping apart was going so well. She slept so soundly and woke up so happy. Then DD (8mths) crawled over to the edge when she woke up this afternoon and fell right off! She has a huge bump on her head and we are going to the pediatrician even though I'm sure she is fine, but then what?? We are stopping at buy buy baby to get bed rails (we already have a side carred crib but she went the other way off our king). They just look like they leave room on the top and bottom where she could do it again!

Frazzled :(
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Re: she fell off the bed... onto her head :(

  • vvvvvfeevvvvvfee member
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    oh no! i'm sorry. :( i'm sure your LO is fine. i know it's really scary! our DS fell off the end of our bed a few weeks ago in the middle of the night and it gave me a huge scare (he somehow worked his way down towards the end of the bed in the night and either fell or sleepily tried to get off the edge and conked his head on the hardwood floor). he was perfectly fine, though. the pediatrician said that if they cry right away, they are fine. he had no discernible injuries from it. DS only ever fell off the bed that one time and we have been bedsharing with him since he was 6 weeks old. it seemed like a fluke occurrence.

    i agree though that the bedrails don't solve the problem of them falling off the end. what we did was pull our area rug up to the bed and put it under the bedframe's feet, so at least there would be some padding if it happened again. do you have any sort of cushy carpet that you could put at the end of the bed? or consider putting the mattress/box spring on the floor? i know a lot of people opt for that. 

    maybe someone else will have a better suggestion...

    p.s. if you happen to have a pillow-top mattress, the bed rails will not be high enough.
  • Yes we are definitely moving to crib naps, just worried that this was the writing on the wall and she would fall off at night, too. She never rolls at night, but she never rolled during the day, either, until today...
    photo 10ebb789-afb8-45aa-93a6-7e8da795dd51_zpse91502e6.jpg
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  • As soon as DD became mobile we taught her the safe way to get off the bed, feet first. She climbs off the bed all the time, she's now learning how to climb back on!

    [Deleted User]
  • Oh no! How scary. I recently did a blog post with ideas. Since your baby is SO mobile, I'd go with the conservative options of putting your bed on the floor or setting up a separate floor bed for her.

    coffeeandbooks[Deleted User]
  • daisymamadaisymama member
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    We moved our mattress to the ground once my son became mobile and fell off the bed. I slept much better once I knew he wouldn't be taking anymore spills and was able to let him nap without constantly checking on him. Just my two cents :)
  • Our first daughter did that once. She seemed to be still half asleep and seriously just got up and crawled off the bed. Luckily our bed is pretty low and he just landed on the carpet turned over and smiled at us. It only happened once and I seriously think she was sleep crawling and like a previous poster said we taught her how to get off the bed feet first and never had a problem with her napping on the bed. When she woke up she'd either call for me or get herself down and find me if I wasn't in the room at the moment (which wasn't very often).
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