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Brattleboro vs Bennington?

Hello Vermont Mamas and Dads! 

I am a 27 year old SAHM of one baby (8 months).  I am a Bradley Method (natural birth) instructor, and my husband is a Civil engineer. 

We currently live in Utah, but are growing increasingly frustrated with the exclusivity of the monoculture here, and we are thinking about relocating to the east coast, closer to my family.

Anyway, I know this isn't really birth or baby related, but I was wondering if all of you VT natives could tell me the pros and cons of Brattleboro and Bennington, as those seem to be the two areas we are debating between right now.  We've never been to either city so the only info I've been able to glean has been from Google.




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Re: Brattleboro vs Bennington?

  • I live in the middle of the two and I definitely prefer Brattleboro, as a city, over Bennington. Bennington may have a little more to offer... but Brattleboro is a little city feel with interesting and creative characters. I also have to say I feel 100% safer in Brattleboro as well. 

    Also, IMO, the suburbs of Brattleboro are much nicer than the suburbs of Bennington. I lived in Newfane for a little while (15 minutes from Brattleboro) and it was wonderful. It was tucked far enough away but not too far. 


  • I'm 22,born and lived in Bennington my whole life. Moved away 2 years ago. Do not move to Bennington!

    There is nothing to do, most people are on welfare, a lot of drugs in Bennington. 


    I would rather live in Brattleboro. Smaller town. There isn't many "nice" parts in Bennington. 

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  • Poor Bennington! I've lived both places and I really prefer Bennington. It's a personality thing, though, I just can't stand a lot of the people in Brattleboro. It's very political and I feel aggressively liberal. I used to be pretty liberal but now I'm about as middle of the road as you can get. 
    Bennington has a community that's super supportive of the armed forces if that matters to you. I like it. As opposed to Brattleboro which forced a Guard recruiting station to close because they didn't agree with it. 
    I think there's just as much to do, shopping, restaurants, a cute downtown for exploring. History. 
    Again, that's just my personal preference. No offense to Bratt people, just not my cup of tea. 
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    (I just noticed that the original post was from a while ago. So what did you end up deciding?)

    I love Brattleboro. Don't know Bennington so I can just tell you about here. Try Google for "brattleboro versus benington" it comes up a lot of places.

    My vote: Move to Brattleboro so we can take Bradley classes with you! We want to but can't find anyone in the area. A lot of "local, natural" support here, so you'll probably get customers.

    Many nice restaurants here, good variety. Some notable things in Brattleboro. There are too many.

    First Friday of the month is Gallery Walk. Farmers Markets all year winter market is indoors, summer outdoors.
    Cow Parade
     Latchis Theater Lots of galleries and other art venues as well Museum

    Good schools from what I've heard. Plus private options.
    Large, for Vermont, hospital.

    Can make day trips to Boston and North Hampton and points south as well. They just added the Greyhound service to Boston.

    Politics are liberal but plenty of libertarian leaning folks here as well. I can't speak for all, but we are very accepting of differing views, as are those we meet.

    Downsides? There is some crime, for Vermont, although I came from outside of VT and to me, it doesn't seem so bad here. We do get drugs coming up from Mass, so does Bennington I hear, but we aren't involved in that kind of thing then it doesn't affect us.

    The traffic can be congested in downtown around 5:30 - 6:30. Again, it isn't bad compared to outside of VT, but for Vermonters it seems bad to them. Guess I've got a city person's perspective.

    Hope that helps.

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