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Spring cleaning

When do you do it? Do you do it in addition to regular cleaning or so other things wait until you get to that room and spring clean? I'm having a aged time staying on top of general cleaning and laundry these days never mind deep cleaning and organization. So tell me about spring cleaning at your house.
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Re: Spring cleaning

  • I pick a week once its nice enough to open windows and let some fresh air in and just deep clean the whole house, top to bottom. I do my regular cleaning routine plus wash walls and base boards, clean ceiling fan blades and move furniture around. In the boys bedrooms its hardwood flooring so I move all their furniture and sweep and mop in there, go through toys and clothes for donate and toss piles. Same as in mine and DH closets. Its also my favorite time to really organize everything.

    This year I am really going to focus on our basement and get that all in order, since it has gotten completely out of control. I need a new organization system down there for the laundry room and my household stockpile. That will more than likely happen next weekend after the rest of the house is done.

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  • I do it in addition to my normal cleaning and weekly tasks. I usually get 1-1.5 rooms done a week. It makes it a lengthy process, but I like it much better than trying to cram it all into a week or weekend. I would miss a lot that way.
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  • I started this week- I am throwing stuff away I haven't worn in months, getting rid of some furniture we have in the garage, deep cleaning the entire house- windows & all. It's one hell of a process.
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    Some of these lists are giving me motivation!
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  • I don't do a real deep clean. I do wash all windows and clean the carpets about 3-4 times a year. So far, I've done the windows. :)

    After the new year I do purge what we aren't or won't be using, especially toys and clothes. I donated a ton of stuffed animals and toys so far. I also sold a pub table and chairs and donated some bath stuff and bedding we no longer need. That's pretty much the extent of my spring cleaning.

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  • Usually I wait until the weather is nicer but I've started recently since I couldn't wait to use my new steam vac. I deep clean room by room and bag stuff up as I go. Once I have a few bag fulls, we schedule a pick up (we actually have stuff on our porch waiting to be picked up today) because they have a limit for how much they'll take at a time. DH is supposed to help me with the basement on his next break so we'll see if that happens. I'm in no rush to do it on my own.

    We realized that we're probably not going to have another child so I've been emptying all of the NB-9m bins (he's in 9-12) and donating/selling it.
  • For those who make this a weeklong process. What do you do with your kids while you are cleaning?
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  • jf198400 said:

    For those who make this a weeklong process. What do you do with your kids while you are cleaning?

    I can deep clean everything except the kids bedrooms during naps and after the kids all go to bed. The younger two's bedroom gets done while they're at school (I have one morning a week when all three are at school/preschool/playschool) for 3 hours.) and DS1's will get done while the younger two nap or are at their school. It'll take more than a week though.
  • My spring cleaning really only consists of having a garage sale to decluttering, then hiring someone to wash all windows. I guess I also change over all the entry indoor/outdoor mats, couch cushions, etc. I do like to tidy my front porch and put out spring/ Easter decor too.
  • jf198400 said:

    For those who make this a weeklong process. What do you do with your kids while you are cleaning?

    The kids either play independently or help out. I usually only focus on Spring cleaning for about an hour or so a day and during nap time so I don't take away from our usual routine, thus why it takes so long (well that and the fact that DD likes to help thus slowing down the process quite a bit). The kids love to help. Today DD helped me the entire time, she even got upset when I told her we had to take a break to let the floor polish dry.

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  • I am just starting today. My goal is to tackle a new room each day. We have only lived in this apartment for 9 months so the clutter and overall dirtiness isn't horrible. Since I just have my 4 month old, she moves from room to room with me and plays on the floor, sits in her bouncer or hangs out in her jumper. She's not making it easy today though. She is being incredibly clingy and crabby.
  • I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind but we started with:

    1. the garage last month (organized, downsized, donated, garage sale, swept it out) and
    2. the backyard last weekend (mowing, edging, trimming all hedges/vines, power-washing outdoor furniture, tilling garden/weeding to prep for next week's planting), and
    3. this weekend we finally got around to shredding and filing all the built up papers, magazines, correspondance
    4. next weekend we change the air filter for the HVAC, test all the smoke detector batteries, replace all the burnt out lights (so many!), rent a carpet cleaner for the playroom, and will lay out fresh compost and top soil for the garden and pots we plan to fill.

    I try to clean the ceiling fan blades, wipe down baseboards, and move all the furniture to sweep/mop as well.

    Good luck!

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