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Is 8 months too late?

My mom is looking into venues and they are almost all booked up. One venue has a date open. I will be just officially 8 months pregnant. I am a FTM, do you think this is too late? How are most mom's feeling at 8 months?

Re: Is 8 months too late?

  • I recently hosted one and the MTB was 8 months, maybe a little over (it was 3/1, she was due 4/1).  She was fine.  It was really laid back, so she came and ate food, ate cake, and opened presents.  I don't recall wanting to be on my feet much at that point, so I suspect that you'll mostly want to be sitting down, but as long as that works with what you're mom's planning, I think you'll be fine. 



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  • I'm hosting my sisters shower this coming weekend and she'll be just shy of 8 months at that point. I don't think it's too late but she does already have the nursery furniture and some clothes and things ready just in case.
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  • I'm having mine this weekend at 34 weeks. I'm just now starting to get uncomfortable but I'll be fine. I get food so.... That's awesome.
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  • Even if you're feeling like an overdone baked potato, showers don't typically require much of the guest of honor. I had mine earlier at 30 weeks, but I'm on bed rest for preterm labor and still managed to stay upright in my chair, open presents, eat the cake, and not go into early labor in the middle of the party. I didn't get to mingle, and it was still pretty exhausting, but I survived and so will most moms to be at 8 months :)
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  • My experience with someone who had a later shower was that she had the baby about 2 weeks after, and she didn't send out thank you's because she was 'too busy with the baby'.

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  • MandJS said:
    vk2204 said:

    My experience with someone who had a later shower was that she had the baby about 2 weeks after, and she didn't send out thank you's because she was 'too busy with the baby'.

    That's still not acceptable.

    I had my shower after my daughter was born. I still managed to get thank you notes out.
    Exactly...this is why you do thank you cards ASAP, especially for a baby shower.  I attended a baby shower for a girl who had preemies (they were in the hospital at the time).  Never got a thank you and I still remember that.  I would understand if it takes a little longer than normal...but still send them!


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    My sister is 38 weeks and just hosted her son's birthday party, where she was preparing food, chasing a toddler, etc.  If she can do all that at 38 weeks, then my shower at 34 weeks where all I have to do is sit down, eat and open presents should be a piece of cake (literally).

    But yes, no matter when it is, make sure you get out your thank you notes in a reasonable time frame!!  Having a baby is no excuse for being rude.
  • I think 8 months is fine, I wouldn't do it any later than that though.
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  • Hello I am new to this board. My showe is May 4 I am due June 19. The shower is an hour from my house. I think all will be good.

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  • Not at all. Why would it be?

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  • MizooMizoo
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    I'm due June 4th and my shower is scheduled for May 3rd, so I sure hope 8 months is not too late!
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  • I don't get the problem. Most people work and continue on with life until they deliver. Why wouldn't you be able to go to a party?
  • My first child came at 36w5d. My shower was 1.5 weeks before that. I was huge, swollen and uncomfortable- but I didn't do anything other than eat and open presents. I was like Jabba the Hut sitting on the couch.
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