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Advice on Timing...

My husband and I would like to start ttc in May, but I recently took a new job to be closer to home (a 3 minute commute vs. a 1.5 hour commute) and I start mid-April. Of course, I wouldn't tell my workplace until three months if I could help it.  But aren't the first three months the toughest, especially if you're trying to hide it? If you were me, would you give it more time before you'd try? How long would you wait?

I've talked with my husband about it and he doesn't see any reason to wait. I just feel a little bad for taking a job and telling them I'm pregnant right away (if we're luck to get pregnant right away...) Just interested to know your thoughts.

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    Don't you typically have to be at your workplace for a year in order to take advantage of maternity benefits? I would wait 4 months from the time you start your new job.

  • You may as well wait a couple of months (or maybe an additional buffer month) and then TTC to make sure you qualify for FMLA (if offered) or any other maternity benefits.

    I don't think its bad to take a job and then get pregnant so long as you intend to come back after maternity leave and you are honest with your employer about your plans.

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  • I agree with others that I'd wait only to be sure I qualify for FMLA (if the company even qualifies for it at all).  Of course, this assumes you'll get pregnant pretty quickly, which you shouldn't assume (20% chance each month and all). 
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  • Wow - this convo has helped me tremendously. Thank you for your help. I know just because we want to try in May doesn't mean we'll get pregnant right away, but you have to be prepared if it does happen. I think I will wait until I'm clear on the benefits. We may be waiting longer than we want, but it's worth it if leave is covered in some way.

    Thanks agaiN!

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