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We have a 4 yr old foster child, who has recently been diagnosed with an allergy to milk proteins.  As the doctor put it, it's not going to "kill" her, it'll just make her miserable.  She breaks out in hives, and various forms of rashes appear for days.   Skin is so clear once we eliminated milk!!    I've been told by some, that kids can grow out of this. Is that true? Have any of you had a food allergy that they have grown out of?

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  • Have you seen a Pediatric Allergist? Milk allergies *can* cause anaphylaxis, and just because she hasn't had a severe reaction, doesn't mean she can't/won't. DD1 is allergic to dairy, soy, and eggs. She gets hives if dairy touches her skin. She's never had a severe reaction, but the Pedi Allergist prescribed Epi-Pens that we carry at all times.

    We just had her numbers checked again, and she is now considered negative for a soy allergy. We need to go in for an oral challenge to confirm though. Her numbers for dairy and egg are 1/10th of what they were a few years ago. The allergist is pretty confident she will outgrow her allergies with more time.

    I highly recommend seeing a Pediatric Allergist if you haven't. A regular pediatrician just isn't as knowledgeable about allergies. You need to have an Allergy Action Plan that outlines how to handle any reactions she may have down the road. (When to give Benadryl, when to use Epi-Pen...)
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  • Usually with things like a milk allergy if you give the body a break from the food for a certain period of time your body can outgrow it. It all depends on what type of a reaction her immune system is mounting against it. Our DD had a milk allergy that she was diagnosed with at 3 and at 5 we reintroduced it and she did great! I would second the suggestion of talking to an allergist to knows how long to keep it out and how to reintroduce it.
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  • DD outgrew her dairy allergy around 2 1/2. She tested negative, but will still get a belly ache if she drinks a cup of milk. She still drinks almond milk but can tolerate baked dairy and has no problem scrarfing down ice cream!
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