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Should I?

I am wondering if I should drop a pump session at work. My DD is almost 15 months and while we are off bottles at daycare she still nurses 3 times a day on average if I am home. I don't need the milk since I can send cows milk to daycare. I'm wondering if the resulting drop in my supply will help us toward weaning? My goal is to wean around 18 months but I'm not going to force her. Should I drop to one pump session at work?
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  • I think that you should try--especially if you don't mind a drop in supply leading towards weaning. When I started the weaning process (not finished), I noticed that DS has been comfort nursing more than real nursing, and it really seems like a gradual process helps him (and me) get used to less milk.


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  • lots of people stop pumping at work at 12 months and continue nursing at home on nights/weekends. i would definitely drop to 1 pumping session a day, or even stop completely (seriously, it is such a relief not having to juggle those parts every day!).

    i stopped pumping when my DS was 14 months old. i was down to 1 pump a day at that point. we are still nursing; he is now 19 1/2 months old and still nurses 3-4 times a day.
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  • My DD is 15 months too and I stopped pumping at work about a month ago. We still nurse at home, sometimes a lot of times in a day, sometimes only 2 or 3.

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  • Wow, I can't believe people are done pumping at work, I can't even imagine it! Well that makes my decision then, ill drop to one session, see how it goes and maybe next month drop altogether! It will be so weird not to have to worry about it!
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