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MSPI without mucous in poop?

DD has been taking Zantac since her 1m well visit. She has clear signs of reflux: excessive spit up, fussy on the breast, upset after feeding, crying after spitting up, gagging, etc. When we went for her 2m well visit, after bringing up her crying spells, the dr suggested I go dairy/soy free.

From what I've read, I gather reflux symptoms are pretty well all the same as MSPI symptoms aside from the mucous and blood in the stool. DD does not have any mucous or visible blood in her stool.

Is it likely for a baby to suffer from MSPI and not have mucous in her stool?
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Re: MSPI without mucous in poop?

  • Hi Vicky! Congratulations on your DD! :)
    The challenge here may be that reflux and mspi are often correlated but you can have one without the other (we if course had both). I defer to the ladies on here with more experience for the more technical/clinical question, but based on our experience, DS never had blood in his poop. He did have mucus. But his other symptoms were clearly reflux. He also had eczema. I was dairy and soy free for 9 months and it was a huge challenge. Our DD also has mspi but much more mild reflux than her brother. She however had both blood and mucus in her poop. Super scary. For a variety of reasons we weaned her to alimentum at 4 months. Good luck and best wishes that your DD responds well to meds and the diet change.


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  • Thanks @martinimama

    Congrats to you too on LO2!
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    I'm not sure about the mucus, my DS3 didn't have a lot of it and had no blood in his stools. The best thing to do is cut out diary/soy and see if she gets better.

    What medicine is she on and her dosage, also weight? From what I've learned from other ladies, a lot of doctors under dose children so there for her reflux might not be under control.

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  • My dd never had mucous or blood. She is dairy, soy and wheat allergic
  • If ds had blood and mucous in his poop it was never identified. 

    Ds is one that if I ate too much milk, he'd spit up or have reflux -- I ate a bit of cheese when he was 11 months old and for the next week he'd spit up almost like a newborn.  Back when he was 8-9 months old, I made the mistake of not checking ingredients in the foods where I work and I was eating small amounts of them 3-4 times per week while working and ds was frequently crying in pain from reflux.  Could have kicked myself when I realized my mistake.  Once I stopped eating those items he stopped having issues with reflux again.

    Just my experience with ds. 

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  • My older DD never had blood or mucas in her stool as a baby. She did throw up a lot as a baby though so her doctors just kept telling me she had reflux (even though reflux meds were doing nothing) because of this her allergy wasn't identified until she was 3 and very sick from it. I would say it is worth a shot to just try cutting it out for a while to see if it helps her. Keep in mind It may take a few weeks before you see any results because it takes time for the body to clear it.
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