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Breast Feeding Help!

My little guy was feeding awesome right from delivery, in the hospital and the first day or two we got home! He would go for 20-30 minute feedings on both breasts! However now (almost 2 weeks old) I can only get him to do 5-8 minutes on one side, and he won't even do the other.
I try to stimulate him by stroking his cheek, tickling his feet, etc and nothing helps.

Could it be all the visitors? 
Should I make sure to keep him on a set schedule of exactly every 2 hours or wait until he cries and is hungry?

Nights are a little better (can sometimes get 10-15 min) but still not great...

Any tips/help!?

Re: Breast Feeding Help!

  • It could be that he just doesn't need to nurse for as long to get what he needs.  Does baby seem content after each feeding?  Is baby having enough wet/dirty diapers?

  • sounds like he doesn't need to go as long because he's getting what he needs! He might have been nursing longer in the beginning because he wasn't getting much?! or was he hanging out and not actively nursing? I assume your milk has come in now and he's getting enough to fill his little belly.

    I wouldn't stress too much about it! In the beginning their schedules are a little whacky let him tell you when he is hungry but if it's been more than 4 hours I'd wake him to feed. 

    Good call on asking about how many wet diapers you are getting! that's a good indicator of the baby eating enough. Also you can look at their soft spot on the top of their head, if it's really sunken in it could mean they are dehydrated.

    Sounds like you are doing a great job!! Hang in there!
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