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Slow down of movements?

Anyone else notice that their movement of the baby is slower and less frequent? I'm thinking it's bc there is less room for her to be flopping around?!?!

Re: Slow down of movements?

  • Yes, there is less room for baby to flip around, so the movements will be different, but you should still be feeling consistent movement, it should not be decreasing.

    For example; I know I always feel 10 movements in about 15-20 mins, if it ever takes me a whole hour to feel 10 movements, that would be decreased movement for me and I would go right to the hospital.

    Good luck and I hope everything is ok.
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  • I agree with PP.
    You shouldn't feel less movement, but I think it is just supposed to be less intense movement. No hard jabs and kicks. They don't have the space.
  • It's fine to feel less kicks and jabs and more squirming. Like PPs have said, if you notice a significant decrease in movement, rather than just a change in the kind of movement then contact your Dr.



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  • I'm definitely not feeling less. It's less sharp movements as others have said, and more just "globs" of movement as he rolls around. Every once in a while he stretches out, and I swear his whole butt pushes up into my ribs/top of my bump. It looks kind of freaky actually.

    But as PP's said, if you are feeling LESS, contact your doctor/midwife immediately.
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  • I'm feeling the same if not more movement. A lot of rolling and her stretching out. She is killing my ribs on my right side. I would call the doctor if you feel less. Better to be safe.

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  • The feelings are more subtle where if I'm not paying attention, I won't feel it. For instance, I don't feel much movement at work because I'm up and moving and am thinking of other things, whereas at home, I feel movement all the time.

    Like the otherladies have said, it is also more rolls and stretches.

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  • There was one morning where he didn't move around as much, which is weird for him, but he picked right back up later in the day after a tall glass of OJ and a kick count. LO should be kicking the same amount/similar times.
  • I would say that I am feeling movement every single day, but this movement that I am feeling is more of a roll or all of a sudden my stomach gets really tight on one side like her buns or something are trying to stretch etc. I used to have more aggressive movements, but just the intensity have slowed down a bit. I notice her movements more now when I'm paying attention and not at work like I had before.
  • The Pregnology update I got last week said "The baby is not as active as he used to be because the space around him is decreasing. You will often feel the odd kick or punch. Keep a check on your baby's movements. If you suddenly notice much less movement than before, contact your midwife or obstetrician immediately. They can check that your baby is doing all right."


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  • I am sitting here now and feeling her move. It just is different than the past couple months. I am 33 weeks now, so I'm assuming that her movements are just slower due to having lack of space. I had an ultrasound last week and all was perfect and I have an appointment tomorrow....just slower motion movements and not so bouncy.
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