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How much is to much? (Feeding question)

How much does your LO eat? In oz. mine is a little over 2weeks and I find he eats a lot. About 120ml so 4oz. I don't want to over feed him but I don't want to starve him. He takes one feed breast milk and the next formula. Every 3 hours and we burp him pretty good.
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Re: How much is to much? (Feeding question)

  • Every baby will be different and their size matters to. I have a small baby ( 5 pounds 13 oz at birth) we are 3 weeks 2 days and take anywhere from 2-3 oz a feed every two to three houra
  • We are formula feeding and DS is just over 2 weeks old. He is taking 3-4 oz. per feeding and getting a total of 20-24 oz. per day.


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  • DS is 2 weeks old and is taking about 3 oz. every 2-3 hours.
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  • DS will be 2 weeks tomorrow he gets 4oz bottles. He eats 3-4oz each feeding every 3 hours. Over night he may go 4 hours.
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  • Why are you doing both breastmilk and formula?

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  • In the hospital he was having a hard time just filling up on breast milk alone, also wasn't producing enough for what he needed so the nurses suggested to give one feeding breast milk and the other formula.. We've been doing the same routine since. I'm trying to give him just breast milk but right now I'm starting to lose my milk production (was still pumping when SO was giving him the bottle) so I have to go see the lc at my hospital and talk to them about somehow getting it back or what they think I should do next.
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  • You're losing your production because you've gone three weeks with only feeding your baby half of his diet from the breast.... the only way to get that back up is to up his BFing and/or do some power pumping. 

    Anyway, to answer your original question, 25 oz. per day is average for a baby his age. Check out for a calculator and more info.

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    Even with pumping every 2hours? Sorry FTM here (and the only person in my family who was successful with breastfeeding, until I had scares and bruises to which I switch to the pump) and I'm really clueless with this. The last time I talked with the lc she said to pump as much and I shouldn't lose anything. I've been following what she says. I have an appointment tomorrow with my family doctor and will bring this up. And I already do know that pumping milk and LO sucking (breastfeeding) don't take the same amount out. Edit ; add another thing.
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  • Generally, you should pump to replace each feeding that your LO takes a bottle. Drink a lot of water, eat oatmeal, etc... there are lots of things you can do to try to get your supply back. 

    Offer LO the breast before you give him the bottle to keep him used to it. 

    Spend some time perusing ... there is a ton of great info on there about BFing. It's good to keep meeting with a LC if you can. And the Breastfeeding board on this site has a lot of knowledgeable ladies too! 

    BFing really is the best thing for your baby, but it is HARD! It takes perseverance! But if you keep at it, you'll be surprised to find that it eventually becomes super easy. You can do this! :)

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  • @tisunge602 thank you so much :)
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  • We were in the hospital for a total of 4days. The first 24 hours he was in the NICU (my water broke and I went 4days without noticing) they asked me if I wanted to breastfeed or use formula, told them I wanted to breastfeed. They came to get me every 2 hours to feed. When he came to my room I continued with the breastfeeding, lc would come in every morning and night to check up on us and she said everything looked perfect! At night time, things were different. He would fuss right after I was done feeding him. My average feeding at the hospital lasted 1-1 1/2hours. I became really frustrated because he would always cry for more milk and I just couldn't handle it anymore. The nurses suggested to breastfeed and give 15ml of formula after.
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