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I just wanted to introduce myself...DH and I have been trying to conceive for quite a while now.  I have always wanted to adopt children (even before we started trying to conceive- it has been something I feel like I want to do in my life)...  DH and I had the conversation again last night.  I told him that maybe we are meant to adopt at this stage of our life.  He said he always thought we would  try more fertility procedures before going this route.  But he agrees with exploring the process-not thinking so linear.  We decided to start looking into the adoptation route. 

Any and all suggestions for getting started would be greatly appreciated!  TIA  Smile

 Does anyone live in the STL area? 

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  • Welcome!  This is a great board.  If you want my copy of Adopting After Infertility, I will gladly send it your way.  I also have the Adoption Answer Book.  Both are good resources to start.  Just let me know:)  Congrats on your decision to explore adoption.
  • Welcome to the board :-)
  • Welcome! The women on this board are so supportive and FANTASTIC about sharing experiences. I hope you learn a lot, and that you feel the support that is here.
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  • Welcome!  Prior to moving forward (this is my opinion) you might want to know what age you are considering for adoption, if you want international or domestic, if you have a gender preference, if you are open to special needs.  Getting an idea of what you and your DH are considering will help you to decide what agency you would want to move forward with.  These are not easy questions to answer and I am sure you will research each option.  I would get on the yahoo group boards and ask questions there are adoption groups.  We started our journey with talking out loud with eachother about our feeling and expectations.  We talked about what was the best thing for our family.  Of course the more we learned in the process the more some of our ideas changed and the more some stayed the same.  It is truly a journey and it takes many turns!  We made sure we were on the same page and then moved forward.  We are soooooo excited, but it is not easy (for us there has been a lot of unknowns and set backs)  so worth it.   Good Luck.  Hope this helps is some way. 

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