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EP weaning Q

Just to refresh- have been EP'ing for almost 12 weeks now. I have decided it's time to wean for many reasons. My pump had been giving me MAJOR issues so dropping from 8 to 7 sessions yesterday was a breeze after a couple days of once again not emptying while pumping. Today I feel like I can drop yet another as I'm not engorged. Is it safe to drop this fast if I'm not engorged? As hard as I've had to work the whole time I feel like I will simply dry up easily- already had a major drop when I stopped taking more milk plus and am stopping my loose-leaf lactation tea (usually drink 4-8 cups a day).
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Re: EP weaning Q

  • I might be in the same boat as you. When I went back to work, my pumping times changed, and it took a couple of days for my body to get used to the change. I go 6-7 hours between pumps at work, the first 2 days were hard, then my body was used to it.
    If it was me, I would just stretch out the time between sessions (I usually do 3 hours, I would stretch to 4 then 5) and I would also just pump till I was comfortable, not empty.

    I have no experience, that is just my plan. I think it would only take my boobs a couple of days for each change.
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