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Post breastfeeding breast shrinkage..?

Hi breastfeeding mommies- I was just wondering if anyone else is having self confidence issues post breastfeeding... I breastfed my son until about 10 months, once my period came back my body naturally weaned and Owen wanted bottles more. I also had to pump because I went back to work full time and also supplemented with formula because I could not keep up with his hunger demands, (I strictly breastfed him when I was with him though.) Anyways, I'm not saying I regret my decision, it was a great experience and of course the benefits he received were worth it.. But as soon as my supply dried completely I expected my breasts would go back to normal size (pre-pregnancy 34C). I knew they couldn't stay at a D when I was engorged (which I admit I LOVED my bigger breasts lol). Not only have they shrunk to hardly a full B but also they are saggier and two kids later I'm only 25 years old. This never happened with my firstborn (I only breastfed my daughter for 3 weeks it just didn't work out). It's been 5 months post-breastfeeding- has anyone else lost a size even compared to pre-pregnancy and had them grow bigger eventually? My doctor was insensitive and just laughed "yep breastfeeding will do that" and I am not a candidate for any surgery I am high risk to blood clots... She said something vague like "hormones they can possibly get fully after a year but then again not.." Is anyone else feeling slightly
resentful and depressed about there breast shrinkage? My husband noticeably is not as attracted to my breasts as they used to be- he ignores them during sex only just this month he actually touched them again and ect... Sorry if TMI lol... We still have a lot of sex but I've heard him on the sneak complaining "yeah her breasts are way smaller" to his sister as I was trying on a strapless dress that just falls down with non-existent cleavage... Any advice on coping with the self confidence or has anyone's breasts shrunk but grew again...? Thank you for listening to my rant I really needed to get that off my B chest lol...


  • Not any personal experience with this but I do know a girl who the exact same thing happened too she BF her two kids both till they were over a year and when she stopped she was smaller then an A cup and she was a C before kids and BF it killed her self esteem too and she ended up getting breast implants, so apparently it can happen not too sure why though?? I'm still BFing and am actually a bit worries about this in the future when I wean him! Hugs there are some cute shirts I noticed that smaller chested women can rock out and larger cheated can't maybe look for some new cute tops to flaunt what you got :)
  • Hi! I have heard that everyones body reacts differently but don't have any personal experience yet. I was an A before starting so im enjoying it while I can and am a bit worried what will happen when I stop.

    As a naturally small chested girl though I can say that there are some advantages. You van now probably wear some things that looked too revealing before but seems more modest now. I know I isually have more flexibility than some of my bigger friends. :)

    Good luck!
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  • I have heard it is the hormones related to pg (not bf) which cause "saggy" boobs. Probably age as well.

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  • DS is nearly weaned and I am down to a B cup from a C/D cup. I don't have hope that my breasts will regain their fullness. I have been thinking about this recently because it does feel like a loss. I know how you feel. We are TTC for another, and I know that my breasts just won't be the same in the future. Hugs.


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  • I started out at a 34B before DS1.  Now I'm a 34A and droopy.  I've never heard of anyone's boobs growing.  I kind of want to smack your husband though, whether he's happy about your new body or not, he shouldn't be talking about it to other people, especially complaining and complaining about things you're already insecure about.  

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