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Hey all - husband here (mom is busy feeding our new baby so I was tasked with asking this).  Is there an iPhone app that we can use to track all the good stuff, BMs, feedings, etc that will sync between our phones?  So say I change a diaper, I can log it and she can see the count later.  Or I feed 2oz at 3:30AM she can see what I did on her phone when she gets up.  The ones I've browsed see to be limited to one phone or the other, not synced with a common log in.

Our little girl is rocking and rolling so far, good eating and pooping (I swear all we talk about is poop anymore) and we are super excited for our first. 

Re: feeding/bm app

  • Ditto BabyConnect. I use it mainly for feedings and diapers. There's other stuff on there (sleep, medical, mood) but I just don't have time for all of that. I like it because you can edit time and amount for feedings/diapers, in case you don't put it in right away.
  • I used Total Baby this time around. My phone is upstairs so I can't check, but I am pretty sure you can sync it.
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  • ibaby feed does all of those things. It is great.
  • great suggestions, thanks all
  • I use the Similac baby journal. It's great, not only does it keep track of diaper changes and feedings nut it also keeps track of nap times, pumping and baby's growth. I can't live without it.

  • The baby nursing app from American Baby is good too. The basic version is free. It's about $5 for the extensive version.
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