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Midwives in Fayetteville area

We just moved to the Fayetteville area and are expecting a baby in September. I loved my midwife in Florida when I was pregnant with my daughter and am looking for something similar. I received prenatal care from a midwife who was connected with a hospital. I am willing to drive a little way to find someone I am comfortable with. Any recommendations?

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  • I would suggest talking to some of the wives clubs on base, as they always seem to know people in the area... You can also contact local doulas, as they also are usually in the know...
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  • Check out A woman's place on village dr. There is a mid wife on staff with over 30 years experience. She was recommended by a coworker of mine.
  • Monarch midwifery
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  • If you haven't found anyone yet, there is a wonderful doula in Moore County. She co-manages a natural mothering store called Sugarplum Moms. You can PM me if you'd like more info.
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