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Ovulation Predictor Kit After Miscarriage

My husband and I went in for our 11 week sonogram and found out baby's heart stopped beating, had a D&C on February 24th.  Since that time not sure if I have had ovulation or a period since there has been all sorts of weird stuff going on and husband and I stayed away from intercourse until I was seen by my doctor.  Went for my checkup on March 19th and doc said everything looked good, husband and I bought an ovulation predictor kit that day, which was negative, and we started having intercourse again.  Took the Ovulation kit again yesterday, March 28th, was negative in the morning but felt like I was getting my period or about to ovulate so check it again when I got home from work and it was positive.  Today I have bleeding, what the heck is going on. How can I have a positive test yesterday but bleeding today.  Has this happened to anyone, does anyone know what this means? Having a miscarriage was hard enough but trying to figure out what my body is doing now is so frustrating.

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  • Sorry for your loss ((hugs)) Many women have a strong LH surge right before their period starts - LH being what OPKs detect means you can get a positive OPK right around when a period starts. This might be what is happening here. Plus our bodies are all kinds of wonky after a loss, unfortunately.



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  • Thank you, I had no idea the test could pick that up, might be a very good explanation for what is going on.  My body has been doing all sorts of weird stuff, just trying to get back to some normalcy, if possible :)
  • Hormones can do crazy things after a loss.  I had about 15 positive OPKs this cycle and 5 weeks of bleeding.  After bloodwork, an ultrasound and two doctors visits it was concluded that my hormones are just not back to normal yet after my MC.  My doctor (and DH) recommended that I stop peeing on things because it was driving me crazy and not helping at all.

    It is VERY frustrating, but there isn't too much that we can do about it. (((hugs))) for you and your crazy cycle.

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