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I can't believe . . .

. . . How many babies are being born already!!!
Mama to a little girl born July 2011 and a little boy born April 2014! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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Re: I can't believe . . .

  • No kidding! What happened last night!?

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    arichlife[Deleted User]ambarnett1
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  • It's so exciting! I just hope they're all healthy, happy full-term babies!
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  • I know this is the real downside to bmb!
    Mama to a little girl born July 2011 and a little boy born April 2014! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • edited March 2014
    @mummyofsix We're due on the same day! 
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    [Deleted User]
  • I know, it's kind of insane.  It's raining babies all of a sudden!

    Just found out I am very likely going past my due date, so I will be in the waiting room with many of you!

  • Can we save some for April?!

    I was thinking the same thing!!! I am due on the 13th but A14 is making me feel overdue already! :p
    Seriously, me too! Now I'm starting to get really antsy and I'm just 37.4!
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    DD on a recent trip to London. 3 yrs old.
    EDD 4/7/18
    MC 5/20/17 @8 wks
  • I most likely won't have my baby until May and it's not even April yet so that seems so far away. Looking forward to hearing all of the new mom stories so I can learn from everybody else's victories and mistakes!
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    baylorlindabacorrea[Deleted User]
  • No kidding! What happened last night!?

    Exactly what I thought this morning!

    @sandbridge1030‌ I'm pretty sure we have the same DD and I'm getting antsy too. I feel like I will be the one to go over my DD though.

    It's crazy all these babies are just flying out... Who will be the next to go?

  • Was thinking the same thing!
  • I get all excited when I see the little yellow square on my phone and think "ahhhh!!! There's more!!!!" It's making me super antsy!! Too bad I'm only 37+3
  • @sandbridge1030‌ oops I'm actually due the 14th, but essentially the same.
    I really want to believe I'll go early, but I don't want to get my hopes up. The last few weeks are a serious mind game IMO and I just want to meet my boy!

  • So crazy! Where is my baby! Jk but kind of not
  • It's crazy! There are a lot of ladies being induced early next week as well. I was trying to hold out to be induced on Monday to have an April baby but I'm here now starting the process. So exciting that my girl will be here this weekend!

  • RoufiRoufi
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 500 Comments Photogenic

    It's like it's almost time to tag May and say "you're up!"

    Noooo Jelly don't say that! I'm not ready!

  • maelic said:
    39 weeks today and I just want to make it to April. Baby, don't listen to all the other babies!! Hang on until Tuesday! 

    After that the sooner the fucking better, though.  
    THIS! All of this!

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  • So exciting! 39 w today And I am so freaking ready to join the outside baby club. I remember saying I wanted to go a few days late to make it to DH's bday. Dear god please no, I take it back.

  • For some reason it's like the closer we get to April the farther away my EDD feels! Stupid brain!
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    [Deleted User]snmetz7Pandamom416
  • There have been a few Mommas that share my due date that have already gone! I'm getting super jealous and pretty bored since I'm on mat leave now....
    Due the 9th and have an induction date set in case nothing happens. So there WILL be a baby on or before the 17th!
  • Every time I log in there are like 5 more babies!! So happy for the "April" mommies!!
    Lilypie - (5WpR)
    Me(26)PCOS, Hypothyroidism & Incompetent Cervix  DH(28)Azoospermia
    4/11 Off BCPs -- Cycle 1-3 (6months) - No ovulation, Provera
    Cycle 4-6 - Provera, Clomid 50mg, CD23BW - All BFN (HSG-all clear)
    Dec 2011 DH S/A shows zero count - dx Azoo
    TESE 4/13/12 - Sperm found!! 5 viles frozen
    IVF ICSI #1- (Lupron protocol) 5R 2F 2dt- 2DP & 4CF - BFFN
    IVF ICSI #2-  (Antagonist protocol) Started stims 7/26
    ER 8/8 11R 9F 3dt - 9BF & 7BF (+HPT 8dp3dt)TWINS! EDD 5/1/13
    <312/9 Joshua David and Zoe Faith born too early at 19w4d due to incompetent cervix <3
    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
      LAP Transabdominal Cerclage - 4/15/13 only possibility of carrying my children to term 
    IVF#3 - June 2013 -  canceled.
    IVF ICSI #3.2- (Antagonist Protocol) 7/26 start stims (same day, a year later from J & Z's stim start date!)
     ER 8/7 19R 9F 3dt of 2- 8BF embryos. (+HPT 7dp3dt) Beta #1 - 82.8 Beta #2 - 821 Beta #3 - 7254
    9/11/13 - U/S shows 1 baby HR 135bpm! EDD: 4/30/13
    It's a BOY!!
    2/9/14 - DX Gestational Diabetes
    C-section scheduled for 4/7/14 (36w5d)
    Colin Joseph - 1:07pm 6lbs 14oz - 8 days in the NICU
    Everyone Welcome!
  • Okay, I'm actually pretty jealous. I'm not due until April 14 but I completely convinced myself that I would be early.

    I think it backfired and I will be late. Or rather she will be late.

    I'm happy for our healthy A14 babies but super jealous as well...
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    [Deleted User]kangstadt
  • I'm jealous too, I want this kid OUT. If my OB called me right now and said let's go have a baby, I would sprint to the OR. 
    irisheyez7maelic[Deleted User]
  • Congrats to all the new mamas/babies! For me, I'm due 4/16 on my 30th birthday and would love for her to make her appearance before then so I can get home and enjoy my baby AND my birthday, but we shall see!

    Me too!!! Except April 29 :)
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  • I want to catch the labor bug. I'll be induced on Monday, but would really like to cancel it because baby vacates on his/her own.
    *Married 10.10.08*
    TTC #1 9.09 - BFP#1:2.18.10= missed m/c, D&C 4.16
    BFP#2:10.22.10=Avelin born 7.2.11
    TTC#2: 2.13 - BFP#3: 7.25.13=Kelsey born 3.31.14
  • Yesterday my husband's coworker said to us, "So next month, EH?" And I was like, "NOT NEXT MONTH TWO WEEKS!" For some reason, the words "next month" jabbed me through the heart, Game of Thrones style. 

    Like all of you, I'm ready. 

    And also, I'm very happy for all of those on the outside baby club. It's so much fun to read all the new stories (As I sit here, drinking my decaf and trying to manipuate baby out of my ribcage).
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  • I'm not due until the 13th but every time I see a birth story or LB announcement i can't help but think, everyone's out there just having babies and I'm just sitting here eating ice cream and watching west wing... Soon enough though!!
    Kayrock18[Deleted User]babybarnes87
  • No kidding! I'm due in 6 days now and feel like it will be at least another week or 2 bf my baby comes. I've had like nothing for signs he/she is coming. I will likely be one of the last early April dd babies arriving.
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