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11 week old sleeping schedule

My 2.5 month old, almost 3 month next sunday, has a weird sleep schedule I think? She goes has bath and feeding starting at 7:45 then down by 8:30pm and asleep by 9. Lately, she's been waking up at 4:30am,, feed then back to sleep and wake up around 7:15. Then back to bed around 8:30am and sleep until 11. The rest of the day, it's up for an hour, nap for an hour and it's like that until bath time at 7:45pm. Is this normal or is there something else I should be doing? But she gets so fussy after about an hour of being up. But awake time we're playing and reading. I'm breastfeeding her every time she wakes up within 15 min.

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  • That sounds pretty normal to me. My DD is 12 weeks/3months next Monday and she has only slept through the night once. We usually have one night feeding between 1-3am. She gets a bottle at at 8pm, read to her and then put her down. She usually falls asleep pretty quickly. She has one diaper change around 11-12 and is up at 2-3 for a feeding. She gets up between 6-8 for the day. She takes naps anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour throughout the day. She doesn't have a set schedule yet. Our ped said it is normal to not have a set schedule until about 6 months.
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  • I think that sounds normal!  babies still need 14-16 hours of sleep a day at this age.  My LO will be 11 weeks on thursday and he sleeps from about 9-930 till 330 or 4 am , I will feed him then he is back down and sleeps till about 645 or 7 and I feed him  and then he will usually sleep till about 9ish then up to eat then we will play for a while and then down around 1030-11ish and will nap for sometimes 1 hr and sometimes 2 or 3 hours.  He will then be up for a while and usually nap 2 more times before bed.
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  • Same schedule here.
  • That's about right, your doing everything right. Yahhh for the long stretches. :). My LO always sleeps at least 10 hours or more total for night sleep. Like u said your LO sleeps from 9pm to 430am-that's 7.5 hours and then 830-11am- that's 2.5 hours--total of 10 hours. :). My LO can't stay awake longer than 90 min during the day. DS gets fussy and I lay him down for a nap right away. Most the time it's just 30 min naps
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