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Any Gardeners?

What do you grow? 

 I am just going to begin starting a garden this spring and I am worried because I seem to KILL EVERYTHING I try to grow!!  What are some tips you have and/or some "hard to kill" produce (fruits, veggies, herbs) I can grow?  I live in Northern Illinois...that might make a difference.


Thank you in advance!!!


Re: Any Gardeners?

  • Ummmm...I tried to plant a garden this year and killed everything because I didn't plant it in a sunny enough area.  So, that's my tip: plants need full sun!


    I notice you're in Crystal Lake.  I'm in Round Lake, which is about 20 miles north (a lot of people don't know where it is, so sorry if you do...).  Our kids are/will be the same age (DD will be 2 in Jan and #2 is due in April).  Want to get together sometime?

  • I have been gardening for years... with my parents and by myself.

    It's kind of a trial and error type of thing. There are only a few reasons why gardens die: not enough water, not enough light, bugs and bad soil. Read the packages of the seeds: they will explain a lot! Some plants are heartier than others: lettuce is very soft and finiky while squash and root veggies are hearty. It's also a good idea to have an area that has partial sun and shade. That way you can plant full light plants in one area and partial in another. 

    Herbs I always plant in big pots so I can move them around. Basil gets scorched! I know my answers are kind of all over the place my advice is to plan ahead next time you want a gardner and keep in mind that they need attention all of the time! From weeding to feeding to watering to picking. Its like a new baby all over again... except for the sleepless nights. Stick out tongue

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