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Pediatrician Recommendation in the Longmont area

I will be moving to Longmont in early May from Grand Junction and am in search of recommendations for a pediatrician for my 5 month old son.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!  Also, if any moms are looking for play dates I would love to meet some people!!

Re: Pediatrician Recommendation in the Longmont area

  • I used to live in Longmont.  Not sure what part of Longmont you will be in.  If you are in the south part of Longmont it is not that far to Louisville.  I would recommend Dr. Mezarina at Cornerstone Pediatrics.  I do not have experience with other docs there though.  A little disclaimer, the doc that started that practice is the one who co-wrote Babywise.  I am not a fan and it has never even been suggested to me as a resource.  My SIL used that practice and it was never suggested to her either.  I freaked out when I did a little research on the practice and found that but we LOVE Dr. Mezarina (the only female in the practice).  I found out that 2 friends of mine also use her specifically and they love her too :)

    Before Cornerstone Peds, we used The Pediatric Center in Boulder.  We were with a doctor who has retired but we hated her!  She was great on paper and when we met her before DS was born but afterwards we found out she was nothing like what we thought she was.  I later received a recommendation for 2 other docs in that same practice who job-share.  We were on their new patient waiting list when we found Dr. Mezarina.  The docs there were Dr. Tanney and Dr. Mahnke.

    We did interview one Ped. in Longmont but were not impressed so I don't have any recs that are actually in Longmont.  Best of luck with your move!
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