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Changing Table Functionality Question

As a first-time expecting mom, I'm just starting to do all the research in putting together a registry for a shower in a few months, and I have what might be an odd question...

Many of the changing tables on offer show a max weight capacity of 30 lbs. But kids are in diapers for ~20+ months and some kids can hit 30 lbs by 12 months, right?

So the question is, does it make sense to buy a changing table that can only accommodate the baby for a year of their diaper time? And where/how is one expected to change the baby after they are too heavy for the changing table?
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Re: Changing Table Functionality Question

  • We skipped it altogether and put the changing pad on top of a low dresser. It's worked really well for us.



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  • Thank you all so much! 

    All the of the baby gear is a whole new world for us, and while appearing to be fully-capable adults, we are entirely clueless about it all! (Visions of a baby rolling off a high changing table and someone calling CPS on us have come to mind frequently these days)
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  • We got our changing table off Craigslist for this reason. Upstairs we use it, downstairs we change her on a towel on the floor. DD is tiny, she's about 21.5lbs.
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  • I have a changing table and like it a lot. DS just turned 2 and is 28lbs. I am short, so most dressers are too high for me to use for changing a baby. We have 2 open shelves on ours and I store diapers, wipes, etc on there. I personally can't imagine spending 2+ yrs changing diaper on the floor.
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  • ...not very many one year olds weigh 30 lbs. DS weighs like 26 pounds now and he's almost two. A quick google search says that the average two year old is between 25 and 29 pounds. When I don't want to lift him up there, I change him on the floor, which I imagine you could do all the time if you want. We still use our changing table daily but many people get by without one. 

    This is us as well.

    DD is 26 months and 27.5 lbs.  90% of her diaper changes happen on her changing table.


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  • We also just did a long/low dresser with a changing pad on top.  Easy peasy and not something DD will outgrow any time soon.
  • My 3.5 year old is only 26 lbs, so I feel like 30 lbs by 1 us a big stretch.

    That said, we used her changing table till she was close to one (when she got too wiggly) but even after we stopped changing her on it - it was great for extra storage. I bough wicker baskets and stored all her Onsies, blankets and diapers on it.

    We didn't even bother getting the changing table out for DD2. She gets changed on our bed, the couch, the floor, etc - basically wherever it's convienent and that's worked for the past 9 months.
  • My husband is building ours. It will be a wardrobe/changing combination with built in cupboard for wetbag for our cloth diapers. Once we are done diapering he's attaching a closet rod so clothing can hang where the changer was. Wish I had a picture to show.

    I think most people change their bigger diapered babies on the floor anyway because they move so much? I'd say get a changing pad and put it on a regular dresser, they do not have weight limit.
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    We put a changing pad on top of a low dresser, like other ladies have said.  Honestly, the pad ended up on the floor by about 9 months anyway because DS is all over the place. 


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