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AW your BIGS :)

I took a quick 20 min cat nap w the LO because rough night and came down to this taking place in my living room... My heart melted...

Ds1 painting his lil sis nails :)

What have your bigs done lately that made you go awe!?
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Re: AW your BIGS :)

  • @magentawarped‌ how cute are they!!!! What a sweetie to comfort you will your pumping, that says so much about your parenting! Good work mama.
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  • How cute!

    Scarlett will climb up next to me when I'm feeding Logan on the couch and tell me "My turn! My turn, mommy!" So when I'm done, I'll put the Boppy on her lap and let her hold him. She loves getting to hold the baby. She's started singing the lullabye I sing her at night to him (well, as much as she can...she's 2).

    Also, when I'm pumping, she comes over, pats my leg, and says, "It's okay, mommy." Apparently she thinks it hurts or something. Then she gets really excited when the bottles start filling up, and yells "Da milk! Da milk!" She's an odd one.

    I just cleared out the photos from my phone, so I don't have one of her holding him, but she wanted to do pictures with all of us, so here's a really awkward selfie.

    Aw what a cutie!

  • Things like this make me want another baby! Eventually
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  • @bribbon I keep trying to tell LO to slow down!!  Doesn't she know that she is the last baby for our family?  Didn't anyone tell her that momma really wanted to have a baby for a little bit longer?  I think she baby rolls her eyes at me when I tell her this.  

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  • Things like this make me want another baby! Eventually

    Might I suggest a 13 year gap? See all my AWs for solid reasons :)
  • @Virgo&Aquarius‌ I know the "why Are you overreacting look" all to well ;) cute pic!
  • I love this pic. Jacob threw a fit one night when Jay wanted a picture with him. We took it anyway because determined.

    Looks so calm and collected! Lo screaming away! Good work big!
  • My big is only 21 months old and not too aware that her sis is NOT a toy. However, DD1 walks around with a 9 inch Elmo doll tucked under her arm for a while now. Since DD2's arrival, we have seen Elmo tucked into the swing or bouncer with a swaddle blanket gently placed on him. She has become a 'mommy' to Elmo suddenly, feeding him and placing a bib on him. It is really cute to see her be gentle with Elmo.

    As far as he sister, she will rest her head on her when I am nursing her and babble in a high pitched voice to her. So cute to watch!
    And then there were three...

    magentawarpedMamaHollywood27[Deleted User]
  • @jaysmommy06 -- can I just say your big is one of the CUTEST kids I've ever seen? What an adorable little dude!
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  • Love seeing everyone's bigs being all cuddly.

    This is my oldest.. he was just.. thrilled.
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  • @MoxyByProxy‌ My LO is wearing that same sleeper right now...

  • DD1 loves holding her little brother she gets super upset when I have to take him back! First photo was on the day we came hospital & the first time she meet him!
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  • Codypup said:

    @jaysmommy06 -- can I just say your big is one of the CUTEST kids I've ever seen? What an adorable little dude!

    Thank you!
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    Because Daryl+Puppy =ALL the feels

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