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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage or weird, painful period?

Hello, I've never posted here, so I'm sorry if this is long-winded or an annoying post in any way.

I'm 23, a big girl, and married. I've always had very irregular periods (one time I had a medium-heavy period that lasted for over 100 days, didn't have one for 3 months, the had a 2 month long period). My husband has very low testosterone but has been taking shots to improve his situation. We are not trying to conceive, but we did have an issue with a condom about 4 weeks ago (it kinda came off inside me and I didn't realize it). At that time it had been 2-3 weeks since my previous period, at least I think that's what it had been. 

2-3 weeks after the issue with the condom I had breast tenderness, which is something I've never experienced before. I took a pregnancy test, but it came back negative. The next week the breast tenderness went away and I became very irritable for a few days.

I spotted for one day, then yesterday (4 weeks 3 days after the condom incident) I began having the worst cramps of my life. Normally, I cramp and it hurts in my lower back but goes away when I take Midol or PMS formula. I took Midol to the maximum recommended dosage and it didn't feel like it phased me at all. I never really cry about anything but I was very close to crying because of the pain. The cramps were much lower than normal and they were not in my lower back at all, they were in my lower pelvic region. At times the cramps would only happen on one side and other times it would happen on both. 
I went to the bathroom 15-20 times yesterday because I felt like if I did anything I would gush everywhere. When I went to the bathroom I could tell that I was passing sizable clots, but I couldn't see the actual size because the water was too red to see through. Around 9pm the cramping became very mild and my flow lessened a little as well. The cramping returned around 4 or 5 am. 
Today, I had to miss work because of the pain. I tried using tampons instead of pads to reduce the mess and I discovered that I was over-flowing the super sized tampons and leaking onto the pad every hour to an hour and a half. This lasted for 7 hours. I became extremely weak, tired, and forgetful. I took a three hour nap, but it didn't feel as if I had rested at all. Again, around 9pm, the cramping became mild and my flow lessened a little bit (1 super plus tampon every 2.5-3 hours). After drinking 2 pedialyte I don't feel forgetful or as exhausted, but I still feel week. 

I tried searching the internet for answers, but as I have read each woman's symptoms can be different, so I was hoping to get someone's opinion. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. It really means the world to me. 

Re: Miscarriage or weird, painful period?

  • The best thing to do is go to a doctor. They will be able give you an answer instead of people's opinions. And then you will know for sure yourself as well which will give some peace of mind. Negative pregnancy test are not always 100% correct.

    The amount of blood loss worries me and that you feel tired. They say if you fill up a heavy pad every hour go to hospital. Because if it is a miscarriage it could be a sign of infection and that's nothing to mess around if. Or it could be something completely different but that amount of blood loss should be checked out.

    With mine I had a lot of pain for about 8hrs and I was on the toilet for the last two with the worst cramping and diarhia pains and then I felt a big wosh and everything came out in one go then the pains stopped and I bleed and passed clots for the next four days. As you said a lot of girls go through different things with there's but I strongly urge you get checked up.

    Sending you big hugs x
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  • Thank you so much for your response. I know I should go to the doctor, but I think hearing someone else tell me to puts things in perspective and makes me unable to chalk it up to me being a hypochondriac or something.
    Thank you.
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  • I'm a hypochondriac so I understand you need someone else to help talk through things to clear it in your head to know is this just me being silly or should I see someone. But I say when in doubt seeing someone and I'm not sure where you are but in Australia you can call up at 24 hour nurse line and they can direct you what to do as well.

    Hope all goes well and it's not a miscarriage or anything bad x
  • I don't know anything about the miscarriage/period situation; however, if your husband is on testosterone injections there is a very strong chance his sperm count will be extremely low or zero. Testosterone supplements basically act as male birth control. Lots of doctors don't inform you of this, but my husband and I found out the hard way. When we found out through research and asked the doctor they confirmed it was true. So, if you do want to get pregnant soon or in the future, look into the testosterone. There are other medications he can take to boost the T without the male infertility side effect. As for your situation now, I have no advice but it sounds really awful! I hope that you can see a doctor and get some relief and answers soon!
  • Thank you all for your replies. I did not know about the testosterone having that effect. That's pretty much the opposite reaction we wanted.
    Lav17, I took a test about two weeks ago when I had breast tenderness, but it was negative.
    I'd rather not go to the hospital because of the expenses, but I think I'm going to because I can't seem to get in with a gyno on short notice since I've never been to one before.
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    Is there a reason, other than sore boobs, that you would think you were pregnant? Period symptoms can change at any time, and if you're periods are erratic as you mentioned, it's definitely worth the wait to get in to see a gynecologist.  Going to the ER now will be pretty much useless unless you're in so much pain you need medical intervention.

    Can you at least get in to see your GP until you're able to get a new GYN?

    ETA: If the bleeding picks back up to where it was (filling more than a pad/hr) then go to the ER. That much bleeding is not normal.
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    If it happens again, don't use a tampon. Use a pad so you can monitor the flow. The golden standard is that if you fill more than a pad an hour for an hour or longer, go in.

    If you feel weak or bleed heavily again, go to the ER. Bleeding in this way is VERY serious. It's called a hemhorrage and it can be life threatening... In that case, the expense is worth it.

    What happens is that you get extreme blood loss. This makes your blood pressure plummet, which won't allow your organs to have enough oxygen. They will start shutting down.

    Otherwise, I would get set up with an OBGYN and consult with them as soon as you can. Explain to the scheduler the issue and that you need to be seen ASAP. Call multiple offices if you have to... Offices usually keep a few appointments for urgent problems. You can always schedule a new patient gynelocial visit separately (this is where they check you for cervical and breast cancer, along with other general women's health issues).

    You might need to be on an iron supplement if you are feeling weak. This is your body telling you that you need something. Ask them to check you for anemia. This will require a blood test.

    When it comes to serious things like your blood and oxygenation, you are worth the expense. It doesn't make you a hypochondriac to worry when you see an extreme amout of blood.

    Regarding testosterone shots, they boost the testosterone levels synthetically, but they stop sperm production temporarily. It can take a few months after stopping the injections for the sperm count to no longer be affected. There are natural ways to boost T levels as well, and they don't necessarily affect sperm. The good news is that the effect on sperm is temporary.

    ETA: please get on a regular course of annual women's exams. Not only can it help you in these situations, but catching breast and cervical cancer early can save lives. You're 23. It's past time, sweetie. Take care of yourself. (((Hugs)))


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  • Sorry to reply again, but if you have continued bleeding for more than a week, that is cause for alarm and you need to be monitored. Some reasons for this type of bleeding can be very serious and you don't have to live with it...

    A doctor can monitor/screen for the following:
    hormonal imbalances (especially estrogen and progesterone)
    anemia or blood clotting disorders
    fibroids, cysts, polyps, or tumors of the cervix or uterus
    pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
    abnormal pregnancy (a miscarriage or SCH)

    Not addressing these issues can compound the problem. I'm not trying to scare you, but given the history you shared with us... I am concerned that you might have an underlying issue. It at least is worth checking out for your own health in the long term.


    PG#1 - 3rd cycle BFP. Team Green. HELLP syndrome @ 34 weeks.
    Later diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, possible link to HELLP.

    PG#2 M/C 3/14 - Surprise BFP 2/13. Beta's doubled every 52 hours from 3w5d-5w5d
    Viable pregnancy scan at 5w5d; 2nd u/s showed 2 days of growth in 7 but a HB of 120
    3rd u/s on 3/10/14 had no HB and baby had only grown 7 days over 14
    D&C 3/17/14 - complications - DX Retroflexed uterus, multiple tears to cervix

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