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Infant in Jogging Stroller

I have a Bob and a Brittax car seat that fits in the Bob (per the manufacturer). I have a 5 week old and my postpartum check-up is Tuesday. Assuming I get the go ahead to run, is it safe to run with the little one in the car seat / Bob? I would start slowly and only go for 2-3 miles at first.

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  • Use the car seat adapter that BOB sells. Make sure you stick with flat, smooth surfaces, and that baby is snuggly buckled in. An extra blanket rolled for head/neck support has been used by some of my friends.
    I started taking DS for runs when he was 4 weeks- ran on a bike path. He loved it- slept the whole time. I would nurse right before we left, and I could easily run 8 miles (an hr time-wise) with him snoozing the whole time. Have fun and enjoy your running partner :)

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  • I wish I knew months ago that I could use the infant carseat with the jogging stroller before 6 months old. Though I still wouldn't of been running with my LO cause the weather has been bad. 
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  • Technically, you're not supposed to.  However, I was running with DS at 3 weeks postpartum.  Like others have said; smooth paths, make sure the seat is secure and possibly extra head support.

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