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Baby Needs 0-8 weeks

I am expecting in May of this year and we are going to be moving across country as soon as the baby is old enough (6-8 wks according to the pediatrician)... I'm trying to hold off on buying the supplies that we won't actually need those first 2 months. We'll buy all the rest when we move - probably on Amazon to avoid the difficulties of shopping with a newborn! We're moving by plane so I won't be able to take a lot of items with us. 

I think I've got a pretty good idea of what we'll need from the research I've been doing online - but I'm a little stuck on what kinds of toys are appropriate at that very young age. I want my baby to have a few things to stay entertained/help with development, but I have no idea what baby will even be capable of playing with during those weeks! I was hoping some of you with tiny babies at home right now would be able to shed some light on the subject for me?

Also, if you have any suggestions on stuff that you think can definitely wait until after we move, I'd appreciate all the advice I can get!

Thank you for any help you can provide :)

~ Shelly

Re: Baby Needs 0-8 weeks

  • I agree. At that young they are still in the "keep me alive" mode. They eat, sleep and poop.

    Basics are diapers, wipes, butt cream (we like the white stuff, not the brown), bibs & bottles if using formula, pacifiers, onsies, car seat and somewhere to sleep. A small swing is nice also (cheap and donate it to local church before you move).

    It's when they start getting older you have to start buying all the crap.

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  • We used Freddie the Firefly to entertain my baby pretty much since birth. It was actually the only toy we used for the first 6 weeks. He's pretty portable so you could easily fly with him.
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  • Thanks so much for the wonderful advice! These are some great ideas... and makes this situation seem much more manageable :)

    ~ Shelly
  • My little guy was interested in one thing: boobs. :). Really, the only things we needed that early were diapers, and jammies. I never really used wipes on him, just a regular warm washcloth. Never used butt cream. If I had to put him down for some reason, I liked our play mat.. But at that age they're just looking at the movement. He would be just as happy if we turn the ceiling fan on! (More so, probably.. He loves that thing!) get yourself a car seat and some diapers and one piece pajamas. Gtg
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  • The first real toy that DS paid attention was his play gym.  It's a little bulky so I'd hold off on buying it until you move.  I think I started putting him under it around 7-8 weeks.  Until then they just hang out and look at you =)
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    I agree with these comments. You don't need much when the baby is so young. I would add to your list a set of washcloths, hooded towel for sponge bath and a swaddle blanket. My newborn really likes the swaddle me by Summer. (Once you know what works, i would get another as back up.) We tried a few different kinds of swaddle blankets before we found what she liked. The swaddle is our saving grace at night when we want her to go to sleep! Best of luck!
  • Our LO is 6wks and so far the only toy he has been interested in is a small rattle... Other than that he prefers to stare at anything that has a contrast in light.  Pretty easy to entertain thus far!
  • Agree, our LO was not interested in toys til he was about 3 months. He would lay on his play mat and stare at the things hanging down, but didn't interact with them. I don't think you need to worry about toys, OP. 

    Your 0-8 week old needs you most of all! Boob, lots of snuggles, and diapers. I would echo some sort of swaddle wrap or sleep sack. We used the Swaddleme. That should pretty much cover you. 

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  • This!!! I received the Sleep Sheep as a gift and baby and I love it. Portable white noise that soothes and puts baby to sleep. Something familiar sounding when you travel should help baby adjust to new surroundings.

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    I would recommend getting a few pacifiers.  The wubbanubs are super-cute and a lot of babies seem to like them, and they cuddle them kind of like toys.  Our LO is just starting to take his this weekend, but we didn't really try hard before now.  He's loved Nuks since a few days old though:-)

    Sucking on a pacifier can help babies clear their ears on airplanes.  But bottles work too :-)
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