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XP - Talk to me about high chairs

Hi moms,
My little guy is only 3 months so we are a ways out still from solids, but I am starting to think about high chair shopping. (We didn't get one when he was born because it was a big-ticket item we figured we could hold off on.)  If you love your high chair, tell me why and what kind you have please! Thanks...

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Re: XP - Talk to me about high chairs

  • We love our Graco Duo-diner!  We started putting our LO in there when she was 2 months, as it has an option for a 5-point harness.  It's easy to clean and grows with your baby.

  • My only advice would be to look for one that has the plastic "bump" that goes between the legs built into the seat, not the tray, that way it's easier to use without the tray when you want/need to. We have this one and I really like it.travels to the inlaws well too!


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  • LisaLisa1980LisaLisa1980
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    A high chair is a high chair IMO. You don't need anything fancy or specific. Buy second hand because they are $$$
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  • We have the Chico 360 that clamps on to the table. We also take it out with us when we go to eat as LO is still on the small side and high chairs are just too big.

    We love it!

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  • ah625ah625
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    We have the Chicco Polly

    It's got a clear plastic cover that comes off for the tray, so when they're done eating you can pull off the (most likely) messy part and wash it. They're supposed to fit in the dishwasher but I haven't tried. The cover also has molding to help keep a drink in place.

    It has several height adjustments, 7 to be exact. I love that, because then I can sit on the floor/couch and use it on the lowest setting to feed her if our table is being used for homework/ect or I can use it on the highest setting and have her at our "bar height" dining room table to eat with us. 

    The foot rest has three height settings so it grows with baby, the foot rest also folds up to fully support babies legs if they aren't long enough to fold at the seat edge.

    The cover is vinyl so it wipes clean really easily. 

    The harness comes off completely so you can wash it. 

    It's also the smallest folding highchair on the US market right now, so it's really easy to store out of the way.

    It's really light weight too, so it glides over carpet very easily. 
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  • tricia560 said:
    I have a fisher price booster like this: http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Discover-Grow-Busy-Booster/dp/B0080D59BO/ref=sr_1_8?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1393014420&sr=1-8&keywords=fisher+price+booster+seat

    Pros: cheap, super easy to clean (the tray and toy insert go in my dishwasher), portable, saves space - we throw it in the car and take it with us as needed.

    Cons: not good until baby is a pretty good sitter as there's not much support.  needs to have very good head control, because at first we worried about buddy leaning in to chew on the giraffe and poking his eyes.  Now at 9 months, it's awesome.
    we use this high chair for grandparents houses... our sitter has one also. 

    we have a graco 4-in-1 and it is incredible!!! worth the money! we got it off our registry at buybuy baby, 
  • We love our Stokke Tripp Trapp!  Yes it's expensive, but we'll be using it for years.  It adjusts to your child's EXACT size and can be used (with attachments) from newborn to 9 years old. 

    Why it's so great.
    I can pull our LO right up to the table so he can have the social experience of eating with the family.
    - It's a great solid wood structure and modern design.
    - Our LO will be able to get in and out of the chair by  himself once he reaches those milestones.
    - Great resale opportunity 
    - Easy to clean
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  • @somerandomchick I love that idea, but the closest IKEA to us is two hours away. I wish they had better shipping options. Grrr!

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