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How does he know?

My 2.5 year old usually goes to bed with zero issues, but the last few nights it has been a scream fest at bedtime! He's in there calling "mommmeeeeee" right now. :( he's like "oh, you're having a baby and both sets of grandparents are coming to visit? Allow me to completely regress!" Anyone else's kids doing this? I just want to rest!
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Re: How does he know?

  • I think he settled. I'm going to eat my feelings now!
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    [Deleted User]hpanabakertiffanyschaetzweeb21
  • I have been thinking this too.  DD is nearly 3 and doing the same thing as far as being whiney and wanting me.  I love that she is wanting to cuddle more but the whining is killing me.  I was thinking today I wonder if she really is understanding that things are really really about to change. 
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  • Ds is the same age and has been waking up at night and coming into our room, so I have to take him back to bed. This has been happening 1-5 times a night. He has not woken up night since he was 10 weeks old. I don't know what's up, but it's so hard! Hugs to you! You're not the only one dealing with it
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  • My son LOVES seeing babies at our activity groups, but I think it'll still be a shock when there is one around 24 hours a day! I guess they really can tell there is a big change coming. He got a fortune cookie the other day and it said "your horizons are about to be broadened." He has NO idea, lol! But I know he will be a great big brother.
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    [Deleted User]mandiroo
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