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Water Input =/= Urine Output

WTF body?  I drink a ton of water but am actually peeing less lately.  And I'm thirsty all the time!  Today I've already had almost 100 ounces of water/tea and I only hit the bathroom twice.

I'm not really complaining, but I am...I'm a little worried this may be a GD thing even though I didn't have GD with my first pregnancy...maybe my bladder expanded?  Stupid body is messing with me.
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Re: Water Input =/= Urine Output

  • If it helps ease your mind, there was a week or so span when I drank a ton of water, but didn't go to the bathroom any more than I did before I got pregnant. Now, I'm still drinking a ton of water (100+ ounces at work) and I've probably made 6 trips to the bathroom already.
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  • Oh just wait. The constant peeing will start soon enough!!
    But I was noticing the same thing. I drink a lot all day long, but only go a few times daily.. Until the evening, then I'm peeing like crazy.
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  • Maybe that is why I wake up twice every night to pee...I'm saving it all up!  But DAMN I'm thirsty!
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  • Your blood volume increases by 30% during pregnancy, maybe your body is just holding on to the extra fluid because it needs it?
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    I had that with my pregnancy with DD. I thought I gained a TON of weight during that pregnancy, but I was 50 lbs lighter when I got home from the hospital after delivering her, only having gained 6 or 7 real pounds. Talk about water weight! It was so bad I actually had stretch marks on my calves and my face was the size of a volley ball. FX this isn't what's happening to you!!! But it's really no big deal. Everything eventually went back to the way it should be. :)

    ETA: Oh, and my kidneys were and are totally fine. I guess the normal volume increase in pregnancy was just exaggerated for me. Also, diabetes - typically not gestational diabetes, either - would increase urine output. Diabetics don't get decreased urine output until their kidneys are failing badly, which is a fairly late complication of the disease.
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  • My frequency definitely varies. The week before last had to pee constantly, last week wasn't peeing much even though I was drinking a ton and this week it's nonstop.
  • What have you been eating? Some foods will also cause you to retain water.

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