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VBAC Possible?

Just curious of others experiences.. I am 12 week PP and baby boy is healthy and perfect! But I just can't help but wonder how necessary my c-section was. here is what happened..

I was induced at 40 weeks because he was measuring pretty big and I had been 1 CM for over a week. It was December 22 and I was having horrible back pain and just ready for him to come! Induced at 6 AM, labored all day and finally started pushing about 730 PM. Pushed for an hour with not much progress. Dr. tried episiotomy and still nothing, we then tried forceps and he still was not budging. Finally a little after 9 she said he was not coming and we needed to go ahead with a c section. I obviously was in pain and so tired so we did. Now that time has gone by I can't help but feel a little guilty that I didn't try a little longer to push! I know that my doctor does not offer VBACs but I am wondering if I should see a doctor that does just to get an opinion...

Mostly curious on here, ladies that have had a VBAC did anyone have a first failed attempt at vaginal delivery similar? 

Re: VBAC Possible?

  • I did.  I pushed for 2 hours with my first and had a c/s.  I had a successful VBAC with my second.  Do you know if your baby was in a weird position like OP (sunny side up)?  That can make a big difference in whether the baby comes out vaginally or not.  But many women have had VBACs after a first delivery like yours.  I would defiintely look for a VBAC-friendly doctor and get their opinion if VBAC is something you are interested in.  GL!

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