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Anyone here get it or know someone who does? I get it for my father-in-law and it's annoying because they have a 6-month promo I can get for about $50. Without the promo it would be a $150. For the past 2 years I've had to call them to cancel and then start it up again every 6-months. That's not a big deal, but I never get a bill or reminder or anything when it's nearing the end of 6-months. And if I ever have to call them I'm on hold for at least 15 minutes. They seem to be the most disorganized company I deal with right now. But it's worth saving the 100 bucks to deal with it every 6-months.

Anyway, for the 2 guys who still come around once a week what prices to you pay and do you at least get timely service.



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  • When the Plain Dealer decided to go to three days a week delivery I quit getting the newspaper.  I could get the Akron Beacon Journal but I would rather not spend the money on it at the time.  Also, I usually leave for work before it is delivered.
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    No paper here.  I think my parents pay $15-20 a month.

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  • We just read the local paper online you only get like 4 article a month for free but nothing really happens here that isn't all over the news sometimes i go buy one at the corner gas station. Biggest story was Adam from teen mom wrecking his corvette.
  • Online here as well. Our local paper only comes out twice a week and is only about 6 pages anyways. All of their articles are online and are about 2 weeks old when they finally get published.

    Here you get a lot more news by hanging out at the hardware store for a little while and then going and having lunch or a cup of coffee at the Waffle House. The greatest (and worst) thing about living in a small, southern town is if you fart people on the other side of town hear about it before the smell is gone.
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  • Thanks for the responses. Especially the funny ones. No wonder print is dying. We also have a digital version and it actually comes with every paper subscription (you're forced to get it), but we never use it. You can get the news on the free sites if you just wanted to read the news on the computer. We started getting him the paper because it fell in line with our present buying budget and he really likes it. We spend about $100 per year for each grandparent and that's what the paper comes out to be on the promo. Full price it would be $300 and that's way over what we like to spend on presents. So far I haven't had huge problems canceling and signing back up (because they're disorganized I think), but they never send me a bill or any notice when I owe them more money so I have to make reminders for myself.

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