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Peanut/tree nut allergies

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Re: Peanut/tree nut allergies

  • No help - but DD1 had confirmed peanut/nut allergy at 1yr and we had no idea(we were checking dairy/soy) I ate pb and had peanuts, etc while nursing And never noticed a difference in her
  • Nope, not at all.  Allergies never crossed my mind, considering my older DS has known nor do my DH or I.  She broke out in hives with her first peanut butter sandwich around 1 year.  Complete shock.  She had had other nuts before (pesto sauce, etc) and never reacted to those.  She tested neg to all tree nuts as well so as of now, seems as if we randomly have an isolated peanut allergy. 

    I never viewed labels or anything prior to knowing and so she ate cereals, crackers, etc with the "processed in same equp/facility" warnings  I read somewhere that circles under the eyes can be a sign of food allergies...around 9 months, I remember my DH and I talking about how she did have circles under her eyes and it was weird b/c we thought she was getting plenty of sleep.  I assume peanuts were the problem as now that she is 100% peanut free, the circles are gone.  That was the only symptom though that I know of prior to the larger reaction at 1 year. 
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  • I went dairy and soy free when DD2 was about 6 wks old due to green mucousy stools (MSPI). After I'd been dairy/soy free for a bit, she developed eczema. After a few months, I decided I'd try eliminating nuts as well. Within a week, her eczema cleared up.

    We did allergy testing at 5 months (which is really early, but DD1 also has food allergies, so our pedi wanted to have DD2 tested). DD2 tested positive for a tree nut allergy. We had her tested again at 18 months, and she was positive for peanuts and tree nuts (among other things).

    So yes, for us, DD2's eczema was an early sign of her nut allergy.
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  • We took son to allergist when he was under one. We didn't know about PB allergy, though it was sweet potato and rice sensitivity. Found out PB.
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  • I didn't breastfeed my DD, so my situation was a little different. But we didn't have a clue that she had a peanut allergy until we introduced it around 11 months. In fact, she didn't even react until her third time trying peanut butter. We were always eating peanut butter and peanuts around her, and she had even been to restaurants like Logans and 5 guys. Her reaction definitly took us by surprise.
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