S/o (meal planning) How/where do you store recipes? — The Bump

S/o (meal planning) How/where do you store recipes?

How do you keep track of your recipes? I have cook books, and then I have a folder. If I print recipes from the internet, I just keep them in the folder. All of my printed recipes are just thrown into the folder unorganized. I am wondering if you guys have a better way to store recipes? Is there a place online that you can save/organize recipes from various websites? I find good recipes and then forget about them because they get lost in the abyss of my folder
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Re: S/o (meal planning) How/where do you store recipes?

  • Not organized at all so I'm following this too. I do try to save a lot online now if I can.


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  • Pinterest for a lot of them.  I have one cookbook we did at work as a fundraiser and I shared my favorite recipes at the time so they are in that cookbook along with a couple from co-workers that I had sampled at potlucks and knew they were good.  

    Pinterest has helped me a lot.  My goal is to try 2 new recipes a month.  With DH not living with us right now most meals are a combination of chicken, cheese, pasta, hot sauce, and sour cream.  17yo DS will not touch vegetables.I do not eat beef.  

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  • I'm so not organized. I have recipes crammed in cookbooks, saved on my phone, and saved on my computer. I need a binder.
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  • Pinterest here as well. Thanks for the great idea about using the secret board for the week @Earlybird725‌ ! I hate having to search through everything multiple times
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  • I use Pinterest, makes it very simple.
  • I use pepperplate to import a lot of my recipes. Some you have to manually enter but if it is a recipe from a popular website all you have to do is copy and paste the link. I have the app on my android, iPad and then online and it syncs every time you open it
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  • I have a notebook that I write all my recipes in. First I have a folder that I keep the recipes in until I make them and then once I figure out what little changes I need to .make for the recipe to work for us then I add it to .y notebook :)

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  • I got an accordion style organizer box at Hobby Lobby. I cut out recipes from magazines or print off the internet. For my cook books, I flag my favorite recipes with sticky tabs
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    I just got this: 

    And I bought cute recipe cards and a set of dividers off of amazon.  I got rid of all the random sheets of paper, sticky notes, etc, that I had recipes on and got it all into here.  I like it a lot.  The cards slip into the lid, so you can view the recipe without it getting dirty.  I actually took inspiration to get organized from my SIL who has a much fancier williams sonoma wooden recipe box.

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  • I have a binder with family hand me down recipes, a few good cookbooks (Ina Garten is a staple), skinnytaste and Pinterest. On Pinterest I have a board for recipes and a board for recipes that were good to make again. When I try something new and it works, it goes to the second board.
  • I don't. I get super pissy and search frantically for the website I used before. Usually once I've made it a few times I know what's in there and don't bother refinding it.

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  • I prefer paper copies of recipes. I keep them in color coded photo albums. I have a recipe bookshelf in my kitchen. I keep a bowl on one shelf for new recipes I want to try or others I need soon. DD sorts them back into the albums every few weeks for me.
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