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3rd Trimester Check In [3.14.14]

Welcome to all the new 3rd Tri Ladies!

Hope you are recovering nicely and please keep us posted on how you're doing!


Roeni 3/7 Boy  **He's Here! Welcome baby Hendrix!**

katka512 3/9 Girl

daiseydooda 3/14 Girl

Balabusta 3/27 Girl


Karabear4409 4/3 Boy

Olenkapdx 4/6 Girl

Lisabugg444 4/11 Girl

Megs3084 4/11 Boy/Girl Twins

Rachnan 4/11 Boy

Zazu13 4/11 Twin Girls

Imoverit 4/18 Team Green

KRoseToes 4/24 Team Green Twins

Phillyj33 4/26 Boy

Tryingyetagain 4/26 Girl

Jenn06L80 4/28 Twin Girls

thecuddleeffect  4/30 Boy


MJC1116 5/1 Team Green

monimu13  5/9  Boy/Girl Twins

RosyGlow  5/11 Team Green

AuntJessy  5/12 Twins

CMDR513   5/12  Girl

drjwj   5/15  Girl

**Ladies, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with the check-ins. Fridays are crazy for me at work and now I have even more on my plate with prepping for my maternity leave. I only have about 6 weeks to go. Is anyone out there willing to take over?**

Tell Us:

1. How many weeks? Any appointments? Updates?

2. How are you feeling?

QOTW:  I have no inspiration today so because I'm one thread away from losing my mind get ready for a great question .... since today is "Pi" day (nerd alert), what is your favorite type of pie?

DH & I: 29
TTC #1 4/2009 -  DD 2/5/10
TTC #2 since October 2011
2IF issues
7/2013 - IUI #1: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFN
8/2013 - IUI #2: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFP! Beta #1 (12 dpiui) 8/21: 45  Beta #2 (16 dpiui) 8/26: 301 Beta #3 (21 dpiui) 8/30: 1,929. 1st Ultrasound 9/4 - One perfect sac. 2nd Ultrasound 9/13 - Heartbeat at 124 bpm! Anniversary  


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Re: 3rd Trimester Check In [3.14.14]

  • Hello Ladies!  

    31 1/2 weeks - still hanging in there.  These babies kick like mad :), I'm starting to battle a bit of swelling in my feet, still dealing with GD, back is spasming, but overall - I feel like at almost 32 weeks with twins, I'm doing great.  Cervix is hanging in there.  Next appt is next week, then weekly after that until I get to meet my precious ones.  I did get a bunch of stuff in the mail that I ordered on Amazon this week, which is exciting.  I also had a baby shower at church last Sunday and I have another one back home this Sunday - it's getting so real!!   

    QOTW - Pie is probably my favorite food EVER.  I'm still a Kentucky girl at heart - I LOVE peach pie and chocolate chess pie, although there are definitely some runners up.  Cherry crumb, pumpkin, dutch apple. Mmmm.  I'll wait until after the babies are born to indulge myself.  ;)

    @MJC1116 - I probably have 4-5 weeks to go, so if someone earlier in the 3rd tri (maybe with a singleton) wants to take over, that'd probably be best, but if no one else will, you can count me in.  Thanks for doing it as long as you could!  

    I ordered this stroller: 
    and I love it so far.  It's exactly what I was looking for!  I also got one of those double frame strollers from the MoMs group up here.  I have 2 diaper changing tables to assemble - one for the nursery, one for the living room, and a bunch of other random stuff I needed.  There's still a ton of other stuff I need, so I'm just hoping that my dear, generous family and friends get me the stuff on my registry instead of just a ton more baby clothes.  Although, I did receive some adorable stuff.  
    m/c my Angel Baby in 2000
    IUIs with clomid from 2009-2011   Feb 2011 - Tubal surgery (repair)  Jan 2012 - Tubal surgery (remove)  
    8/13 IVF#1.  Lupron/Follistim protocol - b/g twins born April 1 at 34 +1.  Luckiest woman in the world.
    8/15 FET #1 - transferred 1 thawed embryo - Pregnant with Baby C, it's a girl!  Due April 2016. Pregnancy Ticker  

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    "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future"   Jer 29:11
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  • 1. I'm 33 weeks. No appointment until the 19th.
    2. I feel 33 weeks pregnant. I hurt. I'm exhausted. I cannot wait to be on my maternity leave. I'm secretly hoping my doctor will tell me to not work anymore, but I know that won't happen, so here's to positive thinking (only 23 more working days!)
    3. I love pie. My favorite would have to be good old fashioned apple but with a crumb topping instead of a crust.
    DH & I: 29
    TTC #1 4/2009 -  DD 2/5/10
    TTC #2 since October 2011
    2IF issues
    7/2013 - IUI #1: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFN
    8/2013 - IUI #2: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFP! Beta #1 (12 dpiui) 8/21: 45  Beta #2 (16 dpiui) 8/26: 301 Beta #3 (21 dpiui) 8/30: 1,929. 1st Ultrasound 9/4 - One perfect sac. 2nd Ultrasound 9/13 - Heartbeat at 124 bpm! Anniversary  


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  • I am 40 weeks today and just had another cervical check and so far not dilated at all (bummer). My hips are killing me and I'm super swollen and uncomfortable. I can't wait to meet my little girl and not get the constant calls asking when and if I had the baby yet.

    My favorite pie would have to be blueberry.


     TTC since 9/10 consult 1/12 All testing came back fine Diagnosed with Unexplained infertility -3 medicated IUI's All BFN IVF - ER 11/14 24R, 15M, 13F ET 11/19, BETA 11/28 BFFN --Next step FET in Jan ET scheduled for 1/24. Beta #1 350 Beta #2 735. U/S Hell. miscarriage D&C at 9weeks. FET #2 ET 5/28 cancelled FET# 2.5 6/26 ET Beta 7/5 302 7/7 Beta #2 632 Everyone welcome

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  • monimu13monimu13 member
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    Hey ladies! 32 weeks today and I'm stoked that I've made it this far without any cervical length left :) Hoping for 4-6 more weeks of being miserable. I'm starting twice weekly NSTs and weekly BPPs with Doppler's (bc of mild preeclampsia). They aren't even checking my cervix unless I'm feeling any different, I'm cool with that. I get my next growth scan on Tues, im excited to see how big they are getting, baby girl was a little on the smaller side 3 weeks ago, but still within normal. @daisydooda-I hope little one comes soon for you, hang in there :) QOTW: I'm not much of a pie person, but I would say chocolate.
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    BFP #1: 2/15/12-Ectopic/Mtx at 6 wks

    BFP #2: 10/12/12-m/c at 5 wks. 
    BFP #3: 8/27/13
    Me: MTHFR, Low AMH (1.1), High NK cells and Antiphospholipid Antibodies.
    DH:MFI-Low morph (1%), DNA fragmentation: Excellent!
    5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUIs, and multiple non-medicated cycles- BFFN                                                      
    IVF with ICSI in August 2013 brought us our babies.  ER-9R, 7M, 4F w/ICSI  ET of 2-Grade 2 blasts. 
    + HPT at 6dp5dt. #1 (8dp5dt)- 105    #2 (13dp5dt)- 510  #3 (15dp5dt)- 960  #4 (17dp5dt)- 1889
    Dx shortened cervix, PTL, and preeclampsia during pregnancy.  Lots of medications and 13 weeks of bedrest, babies were born healthy at 34w4d!

  • Hi ladies! can I be added please. EDD is 5/29 with a boy

    1. How many weeks? Any appointments? Updates?

    29 weeks and next appointment isnt until 31 weeks. hopefully they will finally give me my breast pump prescription so I can check that off my list. We just got our class schedules at the hospital and every weekend in april is booked solid for us so hopefully that means my 8th month will fly by!

    2. How are you feeling?

    I feel like i'm back in the first tri. sleeping all the time and nauseous. I have no energy for my school work which is bad because I only have 6 weeks left so I have to get through it. His kicks are starting to hurt or get uncomfortable but i rather that than a lazy baby that makes me nervous :)

    QOTW:  I have no inspiration today so because I'm one thread away from losing my mind get ready for a great question .... since today is "Pi" day (nerd alert), what is your favorite type of pie?

    I don't know if its really a pie but the Godiva chocolate cheesecake from the cheese cake factory is heavenly....mmm :)

    Me: 24 w/ PCOS, DH: 30 w/ MFI
    IVF #1 14 Retrieved, 10 Mature, 8 Fertilized, 1 frozen (4BB)
    3 day transfer of one 8 cell embryo BFN
     IVF #2 14 retrieved, 12 mature, 9 fertilized, 3 frozen (5AB)
    3 day transfer of two 8 cell embryos
    Beta #1 9/19 BFP 90!! Beta #2 9/24 657!! Beta #3 10/01 6,899!!
    1st U/S 10/08 showed one baby with a HB of 122 <3
    PAIF/SAIF Welcome

  • Hi! Can I be added? Due June 5 with b/g twins:)

    I am 28 weeks and have my next appointment in Monday. Can't wait to see them again. They are moving like crazy! I am thankful for each day they stay in there!!
    I have noticed a significant difference in belly size, being more uncomfortable, and work is getting harder. Still don't have any cravings and any and all food make my stomach upset. Just glad I am gaining weight!

    I'm not much of a pie person either but for some reason always want pumpkin pie on thanksgiving.


  • 34w,1d. Had my weekly NST on Wednesday. It took awhile to get the twins to cooperate, but once they did, they looked great. I have officially decided that I've hit the wall. I'm tired and hurt all the time. My feet and legs are so swollen I can't even believe it. On Monday I'm going to propose to my boss that I work 2 days a week at home, 2 days a week in the office, and take 1 day off a week until the babies come. I think he'll probably go for it. I'm hoping it will help with my pain and exhaustion to be able to work from my couch and not have to do the hour (each way) commute. I made my final order from Amazon for those last couple of things we'll need right away. This weekend we'll install the car seats, put together the PNP and assemble the swing. And tonight I put together the bouncer all by myself. Less than 4 weeks until they induce!

    QOTW: I love pumpkin pie (the recipe from my great-grandma). Predictable, but delicious on Thanksgiving!

    Photobucket  image
    Married: December 2005 ~ Started TTC: December 2008 ~ DH: 33, Me: 30
    Diagnosis: severe MFI, late ovulation, short LP, DOR
    Only option is IVF/ICIS. Waited several years before treatment because we're OOP.
    IVF/ICIS #1 in June 2012 (Protocol: Long Lupron). Stims: 6/17/12, ER: 6/30/12 (6R, 5M, 4F), ET: 7/5/12 (1 4AA embryo transferred, 0 made it to freeze) ~ Beta#1: 7/14/12 - 55, Beta#2: 7/16/12 - 100, Beta#3: 7/18/12 - 199 ~ Limbo for weeks, finally confirmed pregnancy not viable: 8/13/12 ~ D&C: 8/17/12 
    Varicocele Surgery: October 2012 (long break to wait for results, no change) 
    Changed clinics: February 2013 
    IVF/ICIS Attempt #2 in April 2013 (Protocol: Antagonist). Stims: 4/12/13, Cycle Cancelled: 4/17/13 for poor follicle response and low E2 rise. 
    IVF/ICIS Attempt #3 in May 2013 (Protocol: LEAP) Cycle Cancelled: 5/20/13 at suppression check due to cyst
    IVF/ICIS Attempt #4 in July 2013 (Protocol: LEAP). Stims: 7/20/13, ER: 8/1/13 (12R, 11M, 9F), ET: 8/6/13 (3 fair embryos transferred, 0 made it to freeze) ~ Beta#1: 8/15/13 - 86, Beta#2: 8/18/13 - 390.6, Ultrasound: 9/3/13 - TWO HEARTBEATS! 


  • Hi,

    I am 34 weeks today. I have my next OB appt on Tuesday. Not sure if I will start my weekly appts after that one or if I'll get a week break. I am feeling alright- just exhausted by the end of the work day and getting around is more difficult!

    Qotw- pumpkin or chocolate and peanut butter pie. I am not a huge fan of fruit pies, probably the only dessert I pass up!!
    Me 36/DH 46 Me: Low AMH (.21) DOR, mild endo; Started seeing RE 11/12
    Jan-March '13 3 IUIs Clomid + Trigger = BFN
    April '13 IVF 1 MDLF converted to 4th IUI due to 3 runaway follicles! BFN
    July/Aug '13 IVF 1.2 Long Lupron = 7R, 6F, 2T= BFP!!!
    Beta 1=512, Beta 2=1,368 Beta 3= 4,128
    It's a boy!!!!
    SUA, GD
    EDD 4/26/14

    He's Here! Arrived 4/15/14!!!!

    September 2015 - FET with remaining embryos
    Twins! EDD: 6/14/15

    PAIF/SAIF Everyone welcome!
  • drjwjdrjwj member
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    Hi ladies!
    31 weeks and 2 days. Still feeling mostly good but this week has been exhausting at work. I am hoping next week will be better.
    We are still getting jerked around by the Air Force. Now they are saying we will move to California this summer but we still don't know for sure and now it's too late for me to travel until after baby anyway. I had a major freak out feeling so unsettled since we aren't doing a nursery here but I think I have a plan for organization so I'm feeling a bit better. Next appt on Thursday and I get an us to look at the membrane and make sure it's not restricting growth.
    I love peach pie! And chess pie.
    Married April 2009 
    TTC since May 2010 
    2011 Unexplained IF
    Spring 2012: Tried Clomid x3 with TI, BFN 
     IUI #1 with clomid Sept 2012 BFN 
    IUI #2 with clomid Nov 2012 BFN
    IVF #1 with half ICSI, 2 embryos BFN
    IVF/ICSI #2 May 2013 BFN
    FET Aug 2013  beta #1 247, beta #2 866!!!!!!!

    Due date 5/15/14!!!


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  • Hi ladies!  Can I be added?  I'm 28 weeks tomorrow, due June 8 with a boy.  I would volunteer to do the check-in but I have a hard time getting on here regularly during the week. I could definitely try though if on one else can do it.
    Reading 3rd tri check-in posts is kind of crazy, it's suddenly making me realize I'm actually going to have to give birth soon!  The last 2 weeks I've gotten more uncomfortable.  Last night was my first cankle swelling experience.  This morning I noticed I have a serious double chin going on.  I really need to watch what I eat.   My next appt is in a week and a half.

    QOTW: I am not usually a pie person but I'll eat anything with chocolate and/or peanut butter (thus the double chin).


    IF, 5 losses, 1 son, 1 on the way.
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  • 1. How many weeks? Any appointments? Updates? 33w3d, had an appointment on monday, they moved my c/s from 4/1 to 4/7 b/c MFM will be OOT. Kinda sad, but its good baby boy will have longer to cook.

    2. How are you feeling? I feel good, giant, but good.

    QOTW:  I have no inspiration today so because I'm one thread away from losing my mind get ready for a great question .... since today is "Pi" day (nerd alert), what is your favorite type of pie?

    I love PB pie! nom!

    Lilypie - (5WpR)
    Me(26)PCOS, Hypothyroidism & Incompetent Cervix  DH(28)Azoospermia
    4/11 Off BCPs -- Cycle 1-3 (6months) - No ovulation, Provera
    Cycle 4-6 - Provera, Clomid 50mg, CD23BW - All BFN (HSG-all clear)
    Dec 2011 DH S/A shows zero count - dx Azoo
    TESE 4/13/12 - Sperm found!! 5 viles frozen
    IVF ICSI #1- (Lupron protocol) 5R 2F 2dt- 2DP & 4CF - BFFN
    IVF ICSI #2-  (Antagonist protocol) Started stims 7/26
    ER 8/8 11R 9F 3dt - 9BF & 7BF (+HPT 8dp3dt)TWINS! EDD 5/1/13
    <312/9 Joshua David and Zoe Faith born too early at 19w4d due to incompetent cervix <3
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      LAP Transabdominal Cerclage - 4/15/13 only possibility of carrying my children to term 
    IVF#3 - June 2013 -  canceled.
    IVF ICSI #3.2- (Antagonist Protocol) 7/26 start stims (same day, a year later from J & Z's stim start date!)
     ER 8/7 19R 9F 3dt of 2- 8BF embryos. (+HPT 7dp3dt) Beta #1 - 82.8 Beta #2 - 821 Beta #3 - 7254
    9/11/13 - U/S shows 1 baby HR 135bpm! EDD: 4/30/13
    It's a BOY!!
    2/9/14 - DX Gestational Diabetes
    C-section scheduled for 4/7/14 (36w5d)
    Colin Joseph - 1:07pm 6lbs 14oz - 8 days in the NICU
    Everyone Welcome!
  • 1. How many weeks? Any appointments? Updates?

    37 weeks.  I'm having weekly appointments now.  Had an ultrasound on Friday to determine if my placenta moved away from my cervix any more.  Looks like it did, so I am cleared for a vaginal birth.

    2. How are you feeling?

    Good, as long as I don't have to go to work, haha.  None of my dress/work shoes fit anymore, so it's down to sandals and (gasp) maybe sneakers.  I have never, ever worn sneakers to work before, but I might have to go there, starting this week. 

    QOTW:  I have no inspiration today so because I'm one thread away from losing my mind get ready for a great question .... since today is "Pi" day (nerd alert), what is your favorite type of pie?

    I like to make apple pie in the fall.  Other than that, there is a coffeeshop near me that sells a banana cream pie that is insanely amazing (and I don't even like bananas that much). 

  • I'm 34 weeks and we just got scheduled for our 39-week induction, if she hasn't already come.  I will be induced 4/19 at 7:30am, and we are so excited to have a date!  My hips really hurt some mornings and others not so bad.  We got a video monitor and got the camera mounted on the wall yesterday.  And DH surprised me by buying the letters that spell Carolina, painting them and hanging them in the nursery.  They look so adorable!  He had a boot camp class on Thursday and seems a little bit more clued in about everything, which makes me happy.

    QOTW:  Strawberry-rhubarb, hands down.  Also, update on last week's QOTW... I was going to put LO in a "Little Sister" onesie to come home in, but my mom emailed me that she is bringing out the christening dress and bonnet that I wore as a baby.  She emailed photos, and the little ensemble is precious.  So, I think LO might be coming home in that instead and we will save "Little Sister" for her first day at home.

    Me: 42. DH: 46.

    1st Pregnancy: MC, 11/19/00.

    2nd Pregnancy: DS born 04/10/06.

    3rd Pregnancy: CP, 03/11.

    4th Pregnancy: MMC, D&C 11/30/11, Genetic testing revealed Trisomy 4.

    5th Pregnancy: Ectopic, 2 doses of Methotrexate unsuccessful, surgery 4/10/12, right tube removed.

    Tried Letrozole January 2013-July 2013 (including 2 IUIs), all BFN.  After 2 1/2 years of trying for child #2, decided to "give up" after July cycle, based on AMA.

    August 16, 2013:  BFP our first month of "not trying!"  Still in shock.  Beta #1 (14dpo): 183.  Beta #2 (17dpo):  611.  Ultrasound 8/30/13: baby measured 6 weeks, 1 day, heart rate of 118 bpm! 
    Ultrasound 9/13/13:  8 weeks, heart rate of 176!
    Baby is due 4/26/14

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  • Hello Ladies! I am currently 38w3d and starting to get very excited! I keep telling myself, "The baby will come at her right time". But I want the right time to be NOW! 

    I took a small detour on Friday to the hospital. Doctors thought I may have a blood clot in one of my legs since it was more swollen and painful to the touch. Luckily everything looks good and I am back on track to a "normal" pregnancy!

    QOTW: I can't decide between pumpkin pie and pecan pie. And having to think about this decision is making me want to stop at the bakery and pick up both! 

    Hope everyone has a fun St. Patty's Day!
    **TTC since April 2010**
    DH diagnosed with moderate MFI, low everything, me low AMH
    3 IUI's and 1 IVF all BFN's, almost gave up hope
    June 2013- One last IUI for the heck of it... BFP! Complete shock!
    April 2014- Eliana- In Hebrew means The Lord has Answered! Welcome to the world my miracle baby!

    September 2016- Surprise BFP without medical assistance! New Baby due June 2017!
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