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Don't want to go to bed....

I'm 15 weeks and going to bed is painful right now. I normally sleep on my back and am having a hard time kicking that habit....sleeping on either side makes my hips hurt terribly and I somehow feel shin splints in the morning (?). I wake up in the worst pain in both hips/thighs or wake up on my back and immediately move to my side (drudgingly). It's not uncomfortable to sleep on my back yet, but I don't want to. Anyone else experience this and find something comforting to take the pain away? I have so long to go!
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Re: Don't want to go to bed....

  • Strategic pillow placement helps (and a pregnancy pillow was a welcome second trimester gift from DH.). Also- you can absolutely sleep on your back until its no longer comfortable. I roll around a lot in my sleep and was doing about a third of the night on my back right up until a couple of nights ago when I woke up with trouble breathing on my back. Since then- its been pretty easy to remember to stay on my side- I'm always gasping for air if I'm flat on my back. But you might have a couple of months of good sleeping on your back before you get to that point!
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  • I agree with the pillow in between knees. I had to start doing this at 7 weeks because my hips felt off. have you tried pregnancy pillow? I hear they work well for some, I do just fine with a regular pillow but you could consider this option!
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  • I found that stretches would help my back. Find some hip/leg stretches. I would even do them at 2 am when I woke in pain.
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  • Agree with PP about strategic pillow placement, and a pillow between the legs helps, but honestly, I sleep however I can get comfortable.  Last night it was mostly on my back.  Sometimes it's still halfway on my stomach with a pillow wedged under me for support.  And mixed in to all of that is on my side (left or right).  I know at some point some of these positions will just be too uncomfortable, so I'm going with it for now.
  • Thanks ladies! I tried a pillow under my lower back but will throw one between my knees. Haven't bought the preg pillow but will eventually.
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  • All about the pillows, I created a "nest" at night. I went and bought a pregnancy pillow because I was in so much pain.  It helps support my back, my growing bump and support between my legs.  I've been using my preg pillow since I was probably 13 weeks and it's made all the difference in the world.  
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  • I'm not getting nearly as much sleep as I would like, and I wake up with sore shoulders and hips. I have a thick blanket under my hips and lower back, and a pillow between my knees. The padding has been helping some. I'm a stomach sleeper, so it's been a difficult transition. I've had people recommend sleeping in a recliner or building a blanket "nest" on the couch. Might be worth trying?
  • I made some progress last night! Figured out a pillow under both my knees to keep them up is best for me, instead of between. Tonight I'll try one under my hips as well. I'm not as afraid to sleep on my back though, thanks ladies! I'll try propping my back up slightly as well. Hope y'all get some good sleep soon!
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  • I didn't get a pregnancy pillow but I sleep with about 5 pillows shoved at different areas, behind me, in front of me for support, one between my legs and I make sure it stretches from knee to foot so it's an equal distence and then one or two under my head. sometimes I change position and change all of them around if not comfortable
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    I normally always sleep with 2 small extra pillows (one against tummy, one against my back) due to a surgery I had as a kid, but the tummy pillow wasn't cutting it since my shape's changed.  I bought the Boopy Pregnancy Pillow off Amazon and though I wasn't sure about it at first, it's really done well for me.

    My husband even remarked about how comfy it was and joked that he was going to steal it from me.  The pillow change has definitely helped me.

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  • I ended up buying a really puffy body pillow from Macy's that I position so I can sleep on my left side, with my right arm over the top of the pillow and the bottom half between my knees and shins (I found that I need to keep my lower legs parallel to reduce hip pain). I also have a regular sized bed pillow at my back, which helps if I need to sort of roll onto my back - prevent me from being completely flat. I also put a really squishy bed pillow under my regular latex foam pillow, which helped elevate and align my neck a bit better.

    It's not perfect, but I can usually sleep from about 10:30 to close to 4am without waking up from hip pain. I sometimes will roll over so I'm on my right side for the last bit of the night. My problem is doubled in that, not only do I get pain in both hips, I also get pain in my right knee from a minor exercise injury last year, as well as horrible burning pain in my right shoulder, where I have rotator cuff tendinitis.  It's always an acrobatic act to find a position that alleviates all four points of pain.
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